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Hi, I currently use the Bubble RTE and I’m using a workflow thats triggered when a field of a repeating group is clicked. It will insert that fields value into the text editor by appending the text.

When I installed the Zeroquode RTE I could not find the right replacement for the RTE’s “value” to make it work.

Here is a picture of the workflow that works with the bubble editor.

Hello @mark4

For ZQ RTE - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/zq-rich-text-editor-1527080205468x894712503856267300
there are 2 states : 1 is ZQRTE 'text and another is ZQRTE 'HTML.

  1. Text state will give you the result value in a plain text, w/o formatting, while
  2. HTML state will provide a HTML formatted value of the element.

See documentation for more details: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/zq-rte-plugin-2.0#introduction

Here’s an example:

Hope this helps. :pray:


Thanks! Just also curious to see if there is a way to insert the text I’m inserting where the cursor is instead of appending it to the end?

Hi @mark4,

Thanks for feedback. Let me jump in here to help. Could you please specify what exactly you’re trying to accomplish:

It would be best to share screenshots of your editor and some more details, so we can provide a better feedback on this matter asap.

However, if you are experiencing any ‘cursor skip’ issues, these threads might be useful to check:

Hope it helps.


Thanks, here is a video explaining what’s I’m hoping to achieve using your plugin

Hi @mark4,

Thanks for provided screencast. It is more than enough, but I’m afraid it would be really complicated to answer this question, as it implies a good portion of custom implementation. However, I can provide some insight that could point into a right direction perhaps.

You can use plugin’s Set Text/HTML action and try to implement the desired logic. This is a showcase of how it is possible to set the Content value and insert some data in-between:

Hope it helps.