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Split payment with Paystack

Hello guys!
Please can someone explain to me how to use the split payment with the Paystack plugin. Would really appreciate. And also i get this error message sometimes when i try ti initiate a transaction when a button ‘Buy Now’ is clicked

Hi @timmab89,

Thanks for reaching out. Please let us investigate and get back to you with another reply asap!


Hi @timmab89,

Based on your error message, perhaps you’ve entered an amount less than NGN100. Please note that Amount should be in kobo if currency is NGN and pesewas for GHS.

Regarding split payments, you simply need two steps:

  1. Create a subaccount by using the Paystack - Subaccounts - Create Subaccount action, then
  2. Initialize a split payment by using the Paystack - Transactions - Initialize Transaction action

Note: Please endeavour to verify that the bank account details matches what you intended. Paystack will not be liable for payouts to the wrong bank account.

By default, payments are split by percentage. For example, if a subaccount was created with percentage_charge: 0.2 , 20% goes to the subaccount and the rest goes to the main account.

You can find more information here.


I’ve read this over and over before now on the paystack website, this has nothing to do with the configuration from their, there’s a problem with the plugin that needs to be fixed. Other things in the plugin works to some extent

but as soon as you create a subaccount it starts to give the error message even without filling in any information in it’s giving fields. So I think there’s a problem from your side. Please check and verify again. Cheers

Thanks @timmab89 for details!

We’ll certainly check on our plugin and if there are bugs on our side, we’re going to fix them asap!

Could you please share screenshots and/or screencast of your app setups and workflows so we can actually replicate the same steps on our side? It would speed things up, so we can investigate it better with our development team.


Hi @timmab89,

We managed to push an update to our plugin. Please upgrade to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again. But please see our demo app for reference, because we changed the workflow setups a bit with dynamic fields, as previous setups were using the default API data which is why it was causing this trouble.

Now, simply set it as per our example for the Pay button, here.

Let me know how it goes!


Hello Thanks for the Update. i’ve been able to update and set it up as specified above, but from my observation the “Transaction_Charge parameter input isn’t doing what should. Its not submitting the inputted value thereby still letting the “Percentage_Charge” parameter in the subaccount to overwrite it instead of the other way round.
Also it will be of great significance if you could also include and extra payment input on the Paystack - Payment Pages - Create Page so that Marketplace…etc sites and apps can charge an amount to be paid which will be added to (Param.)amount” and the total will be the final amount to Pay. E.g (Param.) description shipping fee
(Param.) amount "Input “Amount”
And also i tried the Create invoice and it returned this error. Kindy investigate it and share the solution. CHeersScreenshot 2021-01-23 195123
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @timmab89,

Thanks for feedback.

Could you please provide screenshots and/or screencast of your app setups and preview so we can see the issue on your side, and try to replicate it on our end with the same settings, and the same exact steps. :pray:

This way we can better investigate then provide feedback asap.

We’ll add this feature request to our roadmap feature list to see how feasible it is for future updates.

Could you please share screenshots of your workflow setups, because this error is stating that an invalid customer code ID has been passed to it, which is why it is throwing the error.

We’ll check on all details then get back to you asap as soon as we have more inputs on this matter.


Hello Alex
Did you get my last email?

Hi @timmab89,

No, unfortunately we haven’t received any emails. Did you send an email to [email protected] with your details? Could you please do it again, or maybe send a simple DM here via forum and I’m going to check on it asap!


Okay… I just sent a dm

Hi @timmab89,

Unfortunately, there are no issues at the plugin level. We have investigated this question with our development team, the plugin is simply using the Paystack API form their official documentation as is.

We highly recommend you study their documentation and if you experience some troubles or unclear functionalities, please contact the Paystack support here. I’m afraid there is nothing we can do more on this matter.

Thanks for understanding.


Look at what your plugin doc says, it clearly states that “A flat fee to charge the subaccount for this transaction” This overrides the split percentage set when the subaccount was created"

Now I’m trying to make you understand that it isn’t doing so! It’s not overriding the percentage fee set! and you say I should contact paystack to solve the problem??? And what you expect they’ll tell me to do if not the obvious contact the plugin developers! Kindly check on this again please. Cheers

Sorry @timmab89 but this documentation is from Paystack API documentation:

Which is not a plugin-related issue, unfortunately. If this feature is not working as per your expectations, this is why we suggest contact the Paystack support in order to get more clarify on their features.

Thanks for understanding. :pray:

I already communicated with them yesterday already which was why I just replied to your response yesterday. The creating of a split payment by “percentage” and “Flat fee” between app and subaccounts works also creating an invoice also works when doing all these directly on my paystack dashboard. But when trying to use API(the plugin) it doesn’t do the same. simply means there’s something wrong somewhere and it’s only right to believe the problem is in the plugin initialization and that needs to be investigated well through. Looking forward to hearing from you. Much appreciated.

Thanks @timmab89 for letting me know.

In this case please let us investigate again and get back to you with another feedback asap!

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Hello there!
Your “Thanks in advance for your patience” is taking longer than I expected it would be. It’s almost 2weeks now, and I’m yet to receive a response from you regarding the plugin fix or update. Still wondering how am supposed to run my app effectively, receive and send money without a fully functional plugin? Sighh🤦 I just need that little fix on the Flat fee Transaction_charge sorted out and how to use your plugin to create an invoice. That’s not asking too much is it?

Hi @timmab89,

Thanks for catching up. Sorry about the long wait, it is taking a bit longer than usual due to the pandemic situation and the whole coronavirus which affects the working process. But you can be sure that I’m going to notify you back as soon as we have an update. :pray:

Hi @timmab89,

We have finally managed to fix this trouble at plugin level. Please do upgrade to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again!

However, please refer to these instructions because we added a new metadata field in the Create Page action, where it is required to pass that transaction_charge value:

Now, we have 2 workflow examples:


  1. when transaction charge is checked
  2. when transaction charge is not checked

Please test it here.

And let me know if you have any questions!


Glad to finally receive the update. It works fine but the new issue is that the Param “bearer” doesn’t change thereby the paystack fees are being deducted from the main account even when you pass “subaccount” as the parameter bearer. And any updates yet on how to create an invoice?