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Spotify Clone Template workflows for music player

What is the best way to upload music to the database?

I also need assistance with the workflows after replacing the music player.

Hello @djpapzin,

There are a few ways how to upload music to the database:

  1. Can be used the workflow form the app.
  2. Can be used the New Entry or Upload functionality of the Bubble. Please consider that “Upload” functionality works only on Personal or above plans.

And about assistance what exactly do you need help with?

Best Regards,

Thanks for the reply Alex.

  1. Is there a way to upload multiple files at once? If I were to add files from the front end, would it make a difference?
    2.I won’t be resubscribing to the audio player that came with it, I am trying to replace it but I keep getting this error: Capture

I’m having extreme difficulties replacing the this element.

Hello @djpapzin,

For example, you can create a CSV with one column for saving the URL of the file that you want to be uploaded. Also, you can use the Bulk functionality from Data>App data tab.
One thing that you have to consider is that when you are uploading from the workflow created for uploading then all needed fields form the DB are completed. This is not happening when you are uploading from the back end unless there is not configurated a workflow for bulk edit.
This is basically the main difference between uploading form the front end and back end.

Regarding the issue with replacing the element, unfortunately, this seems to be an Bubble bug and we cannot fix it. Sorry for redirecting you but in this cases the only thing I could suggest is to submit a bug report. Here you can do that. https://bubble.io/bug_report

Best Regards,

I fully understand the differences.I would like to upload using the created workflows but would like to add a progress for uploading. Would you please assist with that.

Thank you, i’ll report it.

Dear @djpapzin,

I am afraid that we provide support only regarding the current functionalities of the template. What I can do is to suggest how you can approach that. Basically there are a few ways:

  1. You could take our courses in order to learn how Bubble works also Bubble documentation could be a good option for learning functionalities of Bubble. Here you can find those resources:
    And then with an understanding of how everything works, you will be able to do that by yourself.
  2. You can find someone who can help you with customizing your template. We do provide such services here you can find more information about that. As an alternative, you can find a freelancer here.

Best Regards,

I understand, thank you for the recommendations. Is it possible to get assistance with getting the music player plugin to work since I can’t afford to subscribe to the paid one? I believe this is related to the current functionalities of the template.

Hello @djpapzin,

Yes, sure I will provide guidance on how you can get this done. First of all, you anyway will need at least a basic understanding of Bubble and its functionalities. As mentioned earlier, you can consult our courses and bubble documentation in order to acquire this knowledge.

Now to steps that you will have to do. In order to have a free plugin, you can install Bubble Music Player. Here you can find the documentation of this plugin: Introduction - Bubble Docs

Then you will have to replace the elements of the paid plugin with elements of the new plugin. In the element of the new plugin, you will have to use the same settings as in the element of the paid plugin.

Basically you will have to make sure that Dynamic link in the element of the free plugin is the same as in the element of the paid plugin.

Once all elements are replaced you will have to find all Workflow Events and Actions that are referring to Audio Player and change the element they are referring, to the elements of the new plugin.

You will have to do that on Admin and mymusic pages.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,

Thank you for your assistance,with my basic knowledge, I have done as suggested but unfortunately , i’m still having a problem getting the player to work. No audio comes out, do you mind taking a look?

I have reported the bug to Bubble and they recommend that I first delete the element manually then add the element I want. I’m trying to avoid this step because I’m trying to retain as much properties as possible after the replacement then take it from there. So I would like to replace the music player through the properties pop up and it’s giving me an error.

I have managed to replace the file uploader element with the multi file uploader through the properties pop up without getting an error.

Hello @djpapzin,

In case the replacing functionality doesn’t work, anyway, it will be needed to do it manually. I understand why you want to avoid that step but you can add the new element before deleting the old one. Then you will be able to set it up based on the settings of the initial element.

Best Regards,

Thank you @alex.grimacovschi but I just can’t seem to get the player to work? I’ve seen your recommendations, I’ll take them into consideration for future references. For now my main concern seems to be getting the player to work…

Hello @djpapzin,

When you are switching the plugin please make sure that you set the source of data of plugins’ element to the same source as in element of the initial plugin. Also, keep in mind that all workflows that are working with Player are directed to a new element of the Player. These are the same recommendations as earlier if you did everything as recommended and the Player still doesn’t work please share the screenshot with settings of the element and workflows. You can send only from one page and I will check and inform you if everything is set up correctly

Best Regards,

Hi @alex.grimacovschi

I managed to get the music player to work.

There’s an issue with favorites, after clicking the favourite icon, I can’t “un-favourite” it, what could be the problem?

@djpapzin, I am really glad to hear that Player works.

Regarding “un-favourite” functionality, unfortunately, it seems that the issue is caused by the workflow. In order to fix that issue please open mymusic page in the editor. Go to the workflow tab, find there these workflows, there should be two same workflows.

Then replace each workflow with these two workflows.


In the end, you should have 4 workflows instead of 2 initial. Settings should be exactly as on screenshots.

Best Regards,

Hi @alex.grimacovschi

I have 4 workflows at then end instead of 2 same ones, after replicating everything you’ve given, I still get the same results when running.

Capture2 Capture3



Just to make sure, maybe I didn’t explain myself clear enough. Now you have 4 workflows, 2 that are triggered when “Current User’s favorite contains Parent group’s Track” and other 2 when “Current User’s favorite doesn’t contain Parent group’s Track”.
When it contains the track is removed and when it doesn’t contain the track is added.
The initial workflows without conditions are not there anymore.

Everything is like this?

Best Regards,


I have 4 workflows:

  • 2 exact same ones that came with template: add
  • 1 that I added triggered by “Current User’s favorite contains Parent group’s Track”: removed
  • 1 that I added triggered by Current User’s favorite doesn’t contain Parent group’s Track”:add

The initial workflows are still there, 2 of them, I just added the other 2 to make it 4 in total.