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Spotify Clone Template


Let’s discuss here everything about Spotify Clone Template :slight_smile:


I’m interested in using this for a audio subscription site. But I want to understand a bit more about how it actually handles audio playback.

The demo seems to show lists and groupings fine enough…but there doesn’t seem to be an actual audio file I can demo.

Do you know of any sites that have implemented this template that I can see how the actual user experience around playback goes?



Hello Emmanuel
unfortunately we are not aware of real-world examples built on this template as users who buy it not necessarily let us know what they build with it.

But what you mean an actual audio file that you can demo? Can you show a screenshot?
Files get uploaded to the Bubble database and then an audio player simply plays it.
Please advise


ok…I went back in and figured out that I could creat an album and add tracks to it.

Is there a way to make the tracks autoplay through the playlist? it seems to stop once a particular audio file is complete.

and I assume we can set permissions to ensure only admins can create albums and tracks, but maybe allow users to be able to create playlists. is that correct?..or probably too complicated for bubble to do?

Thanks Levon


we have created our own plugin for this. (the template uses default Bubble plugin that can be changed) check out here https://forum.bubble.is/t/audio-player-new-plugin-from-zeroqode/21468

yes this is definitely possible


ok great. I"m ramping up on my bubble skill so I will understand how to modify the template to work.

any thoughts on how to create iOS and android apps with OFFLINE storage? (Thats prolly the last piece to the puzzle)


Hey Emmanuel, the offline mode might not be tricky (not totally sure if it’s possible) but the online native apps could be done as shown here https://zeroqode.com/native


Hi there ! I am considering buying this template + native apps, but i would like a confirmation. Can you confirm that the online mode can be easily implemented on the apps (for the audio files) for the users without internet access ? Can you test this ?
Thanks !


Hello, thanks for your question.
i believe you meant offline mode? i’m afraid we don’t support that, as the native solution works basically as a browser and shows content of a web app realtime when there is internet connection. Without internet it would simply show a static screen that the user needs to go online.
Is it critical for you to support offline mode?


Hi Ievon!
Thanks for your quick feedback on this. Yep, I mean offline mode and this is a critical functionality for me.


For offline mode it’s possible to build a real native app (still without code) using a platform called dropsource.com - all the front end can be built on it and connected to our Bubble template for spotify.
I think this is a viable option although it would require additional work for building out native front end.
What do you think?


Yep!, that may do the trick.
I am going to test this and get back here with my feedback!
Thanks for the tip and time!



Hi levon !

Just purchased your template. Have a question regarding the music player to be used with the template. Shall i purchase the zeroqode audio player also so that the template is fully functional ?
Thanks !