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Spotify Clone Template


If I understood properly your picture, You are have deleted the existing plugin and installed the paid one. That’s why you see the this message "missing… ". The plugins aren’t same, as each time you install plugin it gets it’s own unique id (in your case “ABO”), so you will need go through all the missing actions, and create new ones (reproduce the older) with this plugin.


Hmm. Not exactly. I haven’t deleted the existing plugin.
This is what I did on the first instance:

1/ Create an app out of spotify clone template
2/ Detected the “missing message”
3/ Asked on the forum if I should buy the paid plugin to get it work.

You told me to buy the plugin. Then, second instance:

1/Deleted the first app
2/Tried to subscribe to the plugin but impossible with a hobby account
3/Create another app out of the template
4/Bought a personal account on Bubble for this new app
5/Subscribed to your plugin
6/ Tried to make it work

=> same message “missing…”. And I cannot reproduce “the older action” because I could never access to a working one. In both instance, the plugin was missing.

Any idea ?


I see can you please share with me (can be over private Message) link to the template, so I can have closer look?


Hi Karel,
Yes, please record a short screencast on how to reset the workflow with the paid one.
Thanks in advance!


Sorry, please disregard my previous post, i see that you already tried to build a new app and still have the same issue, we’ll try to look into this. Also if you add [email protected] to the collaborators of your app we’ll try to troubleshoot this. Thanks


Hi levon,

Thanks for your feedback. As per your recommendation, I have upgraded my bubble account and added [email protected] as a collaborator so that you can see by yourself inside.

Thanks for your support,



Great, Philippe, we’ll try to check it out today, thanks and sorry for the trouble


Hi Philippe,
Our developers have updated the workflows for you, so your template should be now fully working.
Please confirm that we didn’t miss anything, so I can close your case in our roadmap.


Hi Karel !

Just checked, seems to be working ! thank you so much !!



How am i able to add membership restrictions and artist upload on this template?


it’s a quick question, but the answer is not simple. You would either need to learn Bubble to be comfortable doing these modifications yourself, or hire us (or a freelancer) to do that…


how do I contact you to do modifications?


just sent you a pm, please check