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💳 Stripe Marketplace Express Checkout - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Fast and easy integration of Stripe marketplace functionality so that sellers can register with fewer steps and details to fill.


Creating a web app pretty much always requires an integration of a payment system. These systems might be rather simple or very complex, depending on your type of the app. Stripe is one of the best software platforms for that, whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform. Stripe’s meticulously designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product for your users.

Right now the solutions regarding Stripe API that are offered for Bubble users are very limited and require additional developing for the functionalities you want your platform to have. Not to mention that the existing solutions are not very well optimized when it comes to developing a more complex service.

This is where we decided to create a plugin that offers pretty much all the tools for setting up a medium to high complexity payment system with the optimization and the high performance in mind. You won’t need to install multiple plugins or developing additional basic functionalities that other plugins are lacking. Also we minimized the number of action calls to the minimum for achieving a faster performance and a more clean workflow.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page at: #1 Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

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Hi @levon, I subscribed to your plugin to try it out and have been working on integrating it, but have been thrown this error when checking the logs.

Do the keys require having prefixes such as “Bearer” on the plugin screen?

EDIT: I added Bearer to all keys and it works now.

Second question…

Does the seller charge a customer action only work with standard Connect accounts, or Connect Express too? I was able to have a transaction process with a standard connect account, but when I tried to use the “seller charge a customer” action with a Seller who was connect express, it didn’t pass. Here is the error.

Card payments capability…? Is this something on your guys’ end, or some setting I have to turn on?

My Connect test accounts are enabled, so I’m not sure what to do from here.

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Hi Guys - just purchased this and believe I have everything set up correctly, but it looks like some of the information a seller would need (specifically the description of the transaction and the customer who purchased it) is missing from the post.

Here’s what the seller would see in their Stripe account for a $150 charge.

Here’s the POST body.

And here are the null fields for “customer” and “description”

Nearly every seller on our platform checks their Stripe account and they would all need to see data behind these transactions instead of just charge IDs. Any chance this is an easy fix/update? I’d rather not wire in these calls myself if I can avoid it!

Hi Everyone,

The error encountered by you appeared because the card_payments parameter wasn’t set up. For the express accounts in order to allow card use should be set up the capabilities of card payments. This can be done manually by editing the capabilities of the account directly in the stripe dashboard.

Or alternatively by including additional URL parameters to the Express onboarding flow. Here you can find more information regarding how to use additional parameters. Using Connect with Express accounts | Stripe Documentation

Could you please specify which action did you used “Stripe Marketplace - Seller Charge A Customer” or Create A Charge? Thank you!

Best Regards,

Hi @alex.grimacovschi - thanks for the quick response. I’m using the “Stripe marketplace - seller charge a customer” action, which I believe is the same one that’s wired in to the demo.

Ok, our team will check the plugin and will update the action in order to have the Customer and Description fields completed. I will let you know when the plugin will be updated.

Best Regards,

Hi @alex.grimacovschi thank you. That’s exactly what it was. I thought this was automatically set when the seller is registered, but didn’t realize this had to be specified. Plus, I didn’t know where to look, and you helped orient me to the Capabilities section.

After some reading I got it to work by passing the parameter in the URL with a suggested_capabilities[]=card_payments parameter from the link you provided.

Question 2.
Would you happen to know if using Stripe’s Express onboarding, whether the user will remain in a mobile application or whether opening a link to Express’s onboarding will bring the user out of the app to onboard, but not be able to direct them back into the app, but instead might send them to a browser link with the redirect URI?

Question 3.
When creating a seller or individual, are all of the fields required? If not, it might be helpful to specify which are not.

For instance, what to do with the TOS IP address field? How am I getting that info from bubble? !

Hello @mark2,

Glad that you figure out how to set up the onboarding process for Stripe express account.

Regarding your additional questions:

When you are saying mobile application do you mean native or web-app? Please consider that the plugin is supporting only web-apps and for a native one the solution you are searching for can be implemented only by coding.

All fields except Address Line 2 should be completed. Regarding TOS IP, there should be specified the IP address from which the account representative accepted the SSA.

Also, you can check on our demo page how the actions should be set up.

Hope that helps!

Best Regards,

I mean a webview wrapped bubble app.

Thanks, and understood!

Hello @mark2,

If it is a bubble app, the users will be sent out of the app for onboarding and after, he will be redirected back into the app accordingly to the URL specified in the dashboard of Stripe. Here is the reference from Stripe documentation.

Best Regards,

Thanks @alex.grimacovschi

I subscribed to this Stripe Marketplace Plugin, but if I would like to purchase it is there an easy way to convert it, or do I have to click “uninstall” in the Plugin section and purchase it or can you guys flip me over to purchase on your end?

And if I do uninstall it will it effect workflows that I’ve set up with it?



You simply need to unsubscribe from the monthly and buy with the one time option, everything should just work after that.

When you unsubscribe it appears as missing, then when you buy the same plugin with one-off everything will be fine again. The workflows will not be affected.

Best Regards,

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Hi @alex.grimacovschi - circling back here quickly to see if any updates have been made that would allow passing along customer and charge descriptions here yet.

We’ve been consistently hearing from our sellers that they need this completed before they join the platform because they want to reconcile charges in their stripe accounts with transaction detail available in our app.

Happy also to pay for some coaching on how to update/create the call myself if that’s an option through you guys?

Hello @brian.schuring,

During the checking was find out that only by updating this action is it not possible to allow the customer field to be completed. The idea is that there are two types of customers (related directly to the platform and related to the account which is linked to the platform). Currently, the plugin is working only with the customers directly related to the platform and while using the action “seller charge a customer” it is not possible to acces the data of the customer. Now our developers will start to develop additional action that will allow creating customers related to the account which is linked to the platform. Also, the action “seller charge a customer” will be updated and then the customer field from Stripe dashboard will have data.

The update will take some time as there is no simple solution for that but our team will do its best to provide an update ASAP. I will keep you posted in this regard.

Unfortunately, we do not provide such services.

Best Regards,

Thanks @alex.grimacovschi - you guys may well have your own reasons for the more involved work here, but surely there’s a variable in the charge that lets us set description (a text field) to whatever we want, which could be the item that was purchased and the user who purchased it. That way charges could be tied back without having to actually do the full second step of connecting the customer.

So adding a description field to the “seller charge a customer” call would seem to be the quickest workaround here, no? Just trying not to create unnecessary work where we don’t have to.

Hello @brian.schuring,

Thank you for your idea. During the development was find out that the call that we intended to implement was conflicting with other calls. Basically we came to the same conclusion as you suggested. Our devs are working now on updating the plugin. I will let you know when the update will be available.

Best Regards,

@alex.grimacovschi Perfect, thanks! I followed through on the purchase and works like a charm.

Another question, I would appreciate your guidance. How would I retrieve the net amount to be paid out to the seller?

I am creating an order details page in my app that allows the seller to see the product they sold and what they net from it (after fees), How would I go about getting this?

I’ve tried several things but can’t quite figure out the call / which option works. Am I retrieving charges, payouts?

And what expression do I write to GET the $41.07 amount in the screenshot above? I’m a little lost so figured I’d ask if your plugin is setup to retrieve this on a singular charge and how.

Hello @mark2,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive the net amount through the plugin. The only way to obtain the net amount is to calculate it based on Amount. There will be needed to consider the country where the payment was done as for the USA and EU the commission is different. Here you can find their pricing: (for EU) and (for the USA).

Regarding the update of the plugin, our devs are still working on developing it.

Best Regards,

Hi @alex.grimacovschi thanks for your answer above.

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