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Stripe payout issues


I am using a Zeropquode template with the Stripe plugin for payout of sellers on a marketplace. The test sellers are able to onboard on to stripe however when I test the payout it does not seem to send through when the create a transfer workflow is used. I am receiving the following error below:

The create a transfer workflow works by looking at the sellers stripe id- I am not sure if this is automatically updating on their profile when they complete stripe onboarding and are redirected back to my website.

Can anyone help with with this- I am using Stripe Connect Standard


Hi @goalgetters69, thanks for reaching out.

The error 400 might be related to the fact that Stripe credentials weren’t indicate right.

Please be sure that you’ve followed the supporting documentation, and indicated correctly the required Stripe API into API Connector (each of the 5 custom Stripe requests).

Also, for reference, please see the explanation of each error number: https://stripe.com/docs/error-codes

Hope it helps.


Thanks for this Serg- I have updated the keys based on my stripe account but it seems to still not be working

I have tried using initialize call on each api (e.g retrieve customer, create a transfer etc.) but they all fail. There seem to be some built in URL paramaters - value with the customer id for example which I do not recognise. Am I supposed to update these individually for it to work- I am not sure where this customer ID has come from?

The same happens when I place create a transfer it says the value of the destination does not exist but I do not know where these came from. Retrieve balance seems to work.


Hi @goalgetters69, thanks for the reply.

In order to check the correctness of all payment-related workflow, allow me to recommend you the following:

That will allow you to check and compare the settings, and identify the possible errors if any.

Kindly note that you don’t need to abandon the existing project. The new project will be a freshly created app based on your template, which simply needs to be configured as per our doc instructions, and everything should be up-and-running on your side as well.

Hope it helps.


Hi Serg

I have tried this but am receiving the same result - could you explain the built in parameters in the template as these are what appear in the error message. Do these need to be changed edited to dynamic value?

Retrieve customer- customer ID cus_I3w8sXqyfbNBam
Create a transfer - amount 100, destination acct_1HBzeoHzwphqzv86
Create a refund - charge is showing as blank

All of this is appearing in the same way even when I create a new app. The calls seem to work when I use the old development key however this is not the one linked to my stripe account but the one in the template.

I have followed all the instructions very closely but cannot seem to identify the problem

Thanks again for your support, it is much appreaciated


Hi Matt @goalgetters69, thank you for the last detail provided.

The template logic and payment flow are working well on our end.

Please be sure that when you insert your Stripe API keys, you are leaving intact the first part of the key value. Here is a screenshot for reference: https://prnt.sc/111h19o

Hope it helps.

In case the error will persist, please let me know.

Looking forward to your reply.


Hi Serg

Yer my format looks fine - see attached

When I add the development key that is already in the template it seems to work but then as soon as I add mine it produces the error.
Thank you for your ongoing support- any other issuers it could be?

The keys are working to make a charge but the retrieve customer and transfer is where it does not work.


This is what I am seeing for the rest - Retrieve balance is the the only one that seems to initalise with out an error as it is the only one that doesnt have any parameters

Let me know any other thoughts on what this could be

Hi @goalgetters69, thanks for providing the details.

Considering them seems that the issue is related to the correct usage of the Stripe dashboard and corresponding API keys.
Unfortunately, we can’t help and intervene in setting up the third-party services, unrelated to our own credentials.
Deeply apologies that can’t help you in this regard.
All that I can recommend at this moment - is to follow the supporting documentation mentioned above, during the setup of the template payment flow.

Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for understanding.


Serg- could you briefly explain what the built in customer ids and destination values are in the template as this is what seem to be causing my problem. Why is the the value amount static at “100” for example?

This is what seems to be causing my problem - the built in values in the template.

There seems to only be one customer id baked in but surely this needs to be dynamic. I believe the call is only working for one customer id that is registered to your stripe account rather that dynamic for multiple users?

Let me know if you could help with this as this seems to be the error

Hi @serg

I think I managed to solve the problem.

When the uplance template is purchased there are built in stripe customer ids and account ids. These are specific to someones individual stripe account so at the moment it is configured to zeroqodes and when someone buys the template they dont have those account in their stripe account- this is why it would work on your end and not mine. I have updated these from code from my account based on test customers on my stripe.

Happy to share how I did this if it helps your add more detail to your guides so your future customers dont have this challenge

Really appreciate your support


Dear @goalgetters69, I am glad to hear that you’ve managed to solve the issue.
We will check and see how the template current supporting documentation can be updated, in order to provide more information to users about the payment flow.

Thank you and have a nice day!