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Telegram - New Plugin from Zeroqode


You mean: Raw error from Telegram - Send Message: {“ok”:false,“error_code”:400,“description”:“Bad Request: unsupported parse_mode”} ?


I can see in your logs that the endpoint was received, and an email sent, the error was only with sending a message to the telegram chat


the thing now is that it works but only with this box checked:

The SSL is now set up properly + the domain & webhook URL. But still no server logs show up.

Don’t know where to go from here…


I’ve just added a new endpoint… and it works but then when I detect data + initialize it stopped working…


Do you have any ideas?

When I send the POST from Postman I get this:


why do i see the old endpoint when I run get webhook info?


it’s the same doesn’t matter…


Are all the settings etc the same as your Telegram bot? I now also tried the exact same process with a different Bubble app and got the same errors… As soon the as the data is detected it stops receiving the POST.


I have asked several times to change the webhook to be your domain, can you please do that? Otherwise i’m not able to guide you further


the webhook endpoint that you set to telegram should start with habits.cafe/version-test/ and the rest


oke it is set to https://habits.cafe now


i’ve tried many things, but at the end I gave up and simply copied the endpoint with all it’s detected data from our demo app and it worked. Not sure what was the reason though.


Wow that’s strange… Thanks for al your help!!!

For live, only delete “version-test” from the webhook?


yes, that’s right, thanks