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Telegram - New Plugin from Zeroqode

We have just published a plugin for Telegram that allows you to build Telegram bots by sending messages, photos & music to a chat with the user. Along with messages, you can send custom keyboards or reply options for making the experience more natural. It also allows to set webhooks for receiving updates back from Telegram chats into your Bubble app.

To see this plugin in action check out and install this meditation bot Telegram: Contact @zenifybot
Here is the plugin page on Bubble: Telegram Bots Plugin | Bubble


  1. after installing plugin, please insert your api key in all the parameter fields that you see on the plugin tab
  2. go to your app settings - > API → and click on “this app exposes a Workflow API”
  3. click on the pages menu and go to “api workflow” page
  4. add a new endpoint and type a name for it (this will be the webhook for telegram)
  5. click on the endpoint and then click “detect data”
  6. copy the link
  7. install postman on your computer and then import a collection from this link https://www.getpostman.com/collections/463073462d41f9455e6e
  8. in the call that you see replace the URL with the one you copied from the detect data and initialize the call
  9. you should see a success confirmation in the postman window
  10. use setwebhook call to tell Telergram which URL should be used for webhooks (it’s the same that you used in postman but without “initialize” at the end

when using sendmessage call you have a few options for the replymarkupfield (which is optional)

main options are:
inline keyboard (shows buttons right next to the message)
here is a sample syntax

{ “inline_keyboard”: [[ { “text”: “I’m ready, let’s get started”, “callback_data”: “readytostart” }] ] }
you can add more buttons in a row and have a few rows of buttons

custom keyboard (shows custom keyboard with buttons instead of the regular keyboard)
sample syntax
{ “keyboard”: [[ { “text”: “Done” }] ],“one_time_keyboard”:true }
same here, you can add more buttons in a row and have a few rows of buttons

that’s it, you are all set to send and receive data from Telegram

Should you have any questions, post here

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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Hey @levon,

Somehow it doesn’t work for me after I followed all the steps as you described. In the attachments I added all the screenshots, maybe I missed something? I’ve also tested the webhook with Zapier and the bot and then it worked.

The thing is when I set the webhook to Zapier and send a message to the bot it receives the call and sends me an email. (Webhook → Gmail)

And now when I set the webhook to Bubble nothing happens. Tried multiple things, send email, create a new thing, update thing etc.

Is there maybe a way to test if the webhook even get cached by Bubble?

Hope you can help and let me know if there is more info needed.

Hey Dave,
i suggest enabling these 2 checkboxes and test again

also a good way to debug to see if Bubble receives any calls to endpoints and if there are any errors associated with it is to go to the server logs, please see the screenshot below

also, did you install postman and initialize the call as described in the instructions using Postman Collections link?

Yes also used Postman to initialize.

The checkboxes also didn’t work and when I look in the Server Logs I only see the webhook being set yesterday…

Did you click on “search” for server logs to see them all?
also , i see that for your Telegram endpoint (API workflow) you have only 1 action to send a message to Telegram. Can you use some other action before that (like send an email) so that you could test if the webhook is received?

also, did you receive a success confirmation for setting the web hook?

You can use Plugin’s GetWebhookInfo call to make sure that the webhook endpoint is set correctly

Yes, I clicked the search button.

Put the email as first but also nothing in the server logs.

Yes, I received a success confirmation.

This is the info i’m getting with GetWebhookInfo

So that’s setup good i think

i’ve just pinged your endpoint from Postman with an error, do you see something in the server logs (click on search again)

also, are you on hobby plan or personal ?

No nothing in the logs…

I’m on Personal

need minimal 20 characters :stuck_out_tongue:

Could it be that the dns isn’t setup right for the custom domain?

since this is working https://hahabits.bubbleapps.io/version-test
i suppose that the api endpoint should also be working. Especially that i received a response with an error
can you give access to your app to bubblestore@bubblewits.com

Ok. Just gave you access :slight_smile:

I have reinitizlied your endpoint using postman and now I see this in your logs, so seems to be working and you can test with your bot

ok ok nice it seems to be working now yes!

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Hmm still not working when I tested the bot not getting an email.

check the server logs