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Template Bugs and process to resolve

Hello, I’m evaluating the Jobly template and am running into small bugs as I move along. What is the process in getting these fixed, do I make a list and submit them to you? They seem fairly easily reproducible - can you outline your QA process that you follow when you create templates please?


Hi @wardey0513, thanks for your message.

The Jobly template was recently tested and deployed to live. It might be possible that some small bugs escaped our attention.

Yes, we will analyze the list and pass it to the developer team for a fix. After the fix, all solved issues are indicated in template supporting documentation (release notes), and a new template setup is deployed to Live Demo.

Both Developer and QA teams are checking the template functionality, UI/UX and other aspects.


Thanks @serg! I’ve attached what I found so far as screenshots of a spreadsheet as I can’t seem to find a way to upload the actual spreadsheet.

Hi @wardey0513, thanks for all your efforts and provided list.
Allow us to analyze it and come with a feedback/fixes asap.

Thanks for understanding.

Hi Serg - can I get an update on these bug fixes? I would like to start using this template.

Hi @wardey0513, sorry for the delayed reply from our side.

All reported issues have been checked, and currently:

  • remained to fix the 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 15 reported points.

Once the template update with fixes will come to live, I will let you know.

Considering the specificities of the template update on the Bubble platform (the updates don’t apply to the apps which were built on the template prior to updates becoming available), allow me to recommend abstaining for a while from customization works (until the template update).

Thank you for understanding :pray:

Thanks @serg. Do you have an estimated date of when these will be fixed? My concern is that these would be fairly severe production issues for anyone that had this template deployed as a production app. In the future if bugs such as these were discovered would it take 1 month or more to have them resolved?

Hi @serg - I have another list of Jobly bugs for you.

Created a new company…
Added customer and I got a “something went wrong” and now the customer half exists. Can’t edit them or delete them.
In the dashboard for this new company it shows an invoice for “demo customer” for $24
Also shows 2 quotes for demo customer for this new company
Checked customers and demo customer doesnt exist
Created 2 customers and if I click either to edit them nothing happens
Created quote for new customer and clicking it from the quote list doesnt open it.
When adding a credit card to the payment sources I can’t click on the expiry date field, I have to tab over to it.
After an error shows on the credit card entry screen, it dissappears after and the Save or action buttons stays in an animated “working” state and is not cliockable anymore
adding new card says success but doesnt show up in added cards
When subscribing to plan and using a new card (not existing card) postal codes other than US are not allowed.
When trying to pay for a subscription plan with new card a new customer is added to stripe even if the customer exists.
When trying to pay for a subscrition plan with new card, error from stripe is “Received unknown parameter: tax_percent”

Hi @wardey0513, sorry for no news in previous days.

The template update with all earlier mentioned bug fixes will come to live in the following few days (I will let you know when it will happen).

We strive to provide all fixes and updates in the shortest time possible. As it is a pretty complex template with a lot of functionalities, we are trying to ensure that all fixes will not influence any other template features.

Allow us to consider the additional list of found bugs, and come with feedback/fixes asap.

Thank you for understanding.