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Template Bugs and process to resolve

Hello, I’m evaluating the Jobly template and am running into small bugs as I move along. What is the process in getting these fixed, do I make a list and submit them to you? They seem fairly easily reproducible - can you outline your QA process that you follow when you create templates please?


Hi @wardey0513, thanks for your message.

The Jobly template was recently tested and deployed to live. It might be possible that some small bugs escaped our attention.

Yes, we will analyze the list and pass it to the developer team for a fix. After the fix, all solved issues are indicated in template supporting documentation (release notes), and a new template setup is deployed to Live Demo.

Both Developer and QA teams are checking the template functionality, UI/UX and other aspects.


Thanks @Serg! I’ve attached what I found so far as screenshots of a spreadsheet as I can’t seem to find a way to upload the actual spreadsheet.

Hi @wardey0513, thanks for all your efforts and provided list.
Allow us to analyze it and come with a feedback/fixes asap.

Thanks for understanding.

Hi Serg - can I get an update on these bug fixes? I would like to start using this template.

Hi @wardey0513, sorry for the delayed reply from our side.

All reported issues have been checked, and currently:

  • remained to fix the 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 15 reported points.

Once the template update with fixes will come to live, I will let you know.

Considering the specificities of the template update on the Bubble platform (the updates don’t apply to the apps which were built on the template prior to updates becoming available), allow me to recommend abstaining for a while from customization works (until the template update).

Thank you for understanding :pray:

Thanks @Serg. Do you have an estimated date of when these will be fixed? My concern is that these would be fairly severe production issues for anyone that had this template deployed as a production app. In the future if bugs such as these were discovered would it take 1 month or more to have them resolved?

Hi @Serg - I have another list of Jobly bugs for you.

Created a new company…
Added customer and I got a “something went wrong” and now the customer half exists. Can’t edit them or delete them.
In the dashboard for this new company it shows an invoice for “demo customer” for $24
Also shows 2 quotes for demo customer for this new company
Checked customers and demo customer doesnt exist
Created 2 customers and if I click either to edit them nothing happens
Created quote for new customer and clicking it from the quote list doesnt open it.
When adding a credit card to the payment sources I can’t click on the expiry date field, I have to tab over to it.
After an error shows on the credit card entry screen, it dissappears after and the Save or action buttons stays in an animated “working” state and is not cliockable anymore
adding new card says success but doesnt show up in added cards
When subscribing to plan and using a new card (not existing card) postal codes other than US are not allowed.
When trying to pay for a subscription plan with new card a new customer is added to stripe even if the customer exists.
When trying to pay for a subscrition plan with new card, error from stripe is “Received unknown parameter: tax_percent”

Hi @wardey0513, sorry for no news in previous days.

The template update with all earlier mentioned bug fixes will come to live in the following few days (I will let you know when it will happen).

We strive to provide all fixes and updates in the shortest time possible. As it is a pretty complex template with a lot of functionalities, we are trying to ensure that all fixes will not influence any other template features.

Allow us to consider the additional list of found bugs, and come with feedback/fixes asap.

Thank you for understanding.

Hello @Serg, I appreciate you getting these issues resolved. I would really appreciate an eta on when these will be fixed, I have been patiently waiting for almost a month for these fixes. I’m sure you would agree that if this was being used as a production site I would have had these issues in production for a month which as you know would not be acceptable to my clients and would definitely have a negative effect on my business. It really seems that this template was not throughly tested before release.


Hi @wardey0513, we deeply apologies that it took so long to fix the reported issues :pray:.
I totally understand your feelings and agree that it took a considerable amount of time.
We need to make sure that earlier identified issues will not appear again and influence any other template’s functionality.
In few days, the template update will come to live. Once it will come to live, I will let you know asap.


Hi @wardey0513, hope my message finds you well.
Apologies once again that it took so long.

The template update has come to live, so you can see the updated version available on https://jobbertemplate.bubbleapps.io or if template is already purchased it - make a new copy of the template (to use for reference).

A brief description of the template fixes is available within template supporting documentation: Jobly - Business Management Like Jobber Template - Zeroqode Documentation

Please let me know if I can help with anything else related to our template :pray:

Have a nice day!

Thanks @serg for getting these issues fixed. This covers a portion of the issues that i reported but it sill leaves quite a few outstanding issues that I reported over a month ago. Additionally I re-downloaded the template and started testing again and found the following large list of bugs before I finally gave up. I think it was a half hearted attempt to fix the bugs I reported and nobody bothered to check anything to see if they found anymore bugs.

There are many bugs surrounding the quote functionality and the data being displayed on the dashboard and frankly - I don’t think its my job to run QA on your templates.

Here is a new list some of these are items that I have already reported, I am getting very frustrated with the quality and testing thoroughness of this product.

Database is not empty in the blank template , has existing demo data in it.

No countries display in drop down list on add payment method

Add new user and no way to set role. After add they default to limited technician

In edit user there are 2 “save changes” buttons on the bottom and no cancel

email sent to new user has reference to “Servo” as company name. How is this changed?

Clicking on the welcome link in the email gives a page not found error

New user created above is able to login using the credentials in the email.

Limited technician user can see all the company info in the dashboard, yet they aren’t able do anything but view the schedule. Seems like thats a lot of information for a tech to see if they can’t do anything.

On customer portal there is a dashboard menu option which shows the dashboard menu and access denied issue. Customers should never see this, why is it here?

Created a new request for a customer. In the customer tab it Shows up in both active work and requests for that customer even though nothing has been done with or or scheduled. Should it show up in both places?

The above request doesn’t show up in the requests tab under the work menu

Created a quote from the above request. Added a single item for $249 plus 6% tax. The total of the quote including tax was $264. When I saved the quote the total for the above line item went from 249 to $264.

Update the line item for the above quote to be $325 plus 6% tax. Tax should be $19.5 but it has rounded it to $20 which shouldn’t happen. Also the total updated to 340 which is incorrect, it should be 325 + 20 = 345.

Updated the quote with the above changes and the line item total changed to $340 just like before.

In summary, when you update or create a quote and save it, the line item value changes to whatever the total is for the quote. So if the total for the quote is $4000 and you update the quote it will update all of the line items to say $4000.

The quote shouldn’t be rounding anything at all, line items, tax, discount or total.

Emailed quote to customer. Email was received but quote was not attached. Quote was available in customer portal.

Customer added change requests to the quote and sent back but this change request did not show up in the owner portal as “changes required” either in the count or in the filter

In Work Overview - Quotes - Awaiting response panel the quote is shown in the total for the panel and the customer list but the total for the quote is missing beside the client in the list

Approved the above quote. In Work Overview - Quotes - Approved - Prospective Jobs the quote shows in the total for the panel and the quote is listed below in the client list but the total for the quote is missing beside the client. Also the “No Approved Quotes” Icon still shows in the panel

Clicked the “show all quotes” in the above panel and it indeed took me to the all quotes list. Shouldn’t this apply the “approved quotes” filter in this list?

Created a job from the above quote and assigned a visit date or October 14 (8 days from today) to it. Clicked on the visit date and the maps icon was unclickable

Tried to download a PDF of the job and it failed. PDF Generate error: this header value for x-api-key is not correct undefined

In Dashboard = Activities - Upcoming jobs the above job doesn’t show in the “8-14” day category.

Changed the date to October 11 (6 days from today)

in Dashboard = Activities - Upcoming jobs the above job show’s in correctly in the “next 7 days” category and incorrectly in the “8-14” day category.

I am unable to “unschedule” a job once its scheduled. There is no way to delete the scheduled date

The above job had $680 in charges in it and they show in the dashboards but the charges do not show on the actual job itself anymore.

Hi @wardey0513, thank you very much for your implication, keen eye, and detailed analysis.

We totally understand your feelings and sincerely apologies for all the inconveniences that you’ve met during our template usage.

We understand that these words will not bring back all time and effort spent on work with this template, and the less that we can do now - we will use your bug report within the very complex testing which this template will pass through, to avoid any other inconvenience that may be caused in further use.

We will keep you updated on the bug fixing process.

If there is anything else that I can help with at the moment related to our products, please let me know :pray:.


Hi @wardey0513, hope my message finds you well.

We have pushed the latest template update that fixed UI and UX issues reported earlier within this thread.

Kindly note that the updates don’t apply to the apps which were built on the template prior to updates becoming available. Sorry for this inconvenience, this is Bubble logic.

You can create a new template copy and compare the settings (design/workflow) of the new copy and the app you have.

So you don’t have to “move” your customizations from your already edited template to the new template copy.

In case there will be anything else that I can help with about our template - please let me know.

Hi @Serg are you saying you fixed every bug I reported? If not can you send a list of what was fixed please.

Hi @wardey0513, thanks for your reply.

Please check below the status:

Each template should have test data for the preview of the pages and how they work (test users, content, etc). The template buyer already deletes/modifies it accordingly to his project requirements.

Version 2.0.0 of the “Countries” plugin required an API which had usage limitation per free plan.

Now it is 3.0.0 version available and no API is required:

The owner has no such functionality to change the role of a team member. It could be done through the change of user-level on the database.


On sign up, on the second step, when creating a new company, the user is asked to name the company. An afterward change of the company name can be done through the correction of the company profile in database.



For the case is the customer also has an access level to be able to see internal processes (by default - no)

Yes, on requests - shows all requests made, on jobs - show what is ongoing.






This is the default template design that could be adjusted as per the user’s project requirements.


A fix of this point might be available on the next template update.



The job can be closed from the dropdown menu.


Hope the provided status helps. In case there will be any other issues that would require our support on the default template functionality, please let me know (much appreciate if in such case you can share related screenshots/screencast, it will allow us to fix them faster).

Thank you for your patience and efforts made :pray: