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Urgent Bug: PDF Converter Plugin

I’m using the “Bubble Page to PDF Converter” plugin (version 1.77.0). It’s been great (until now)!

I’m attempting to generate & download a PDF from my bubble app. I set up a test page for you to look at.

For whatever reason, the PDF that gets downloaded produces this error (in chrome) and this error (in preview).

This breaks the main functionality of our production app with paying users - please help asap! Thanks!


@zeroqode2 @Serg @kate

Thank you in advance for taking a look!

We’re having the same issue. I posted a separate topic about 10 minutes ago.

I’m guessing something broke in whatever API they’re using to do the conversion. Weirdly their live demo still works.


Sorry to hear that! hope this gets resolved quickly.

They’re based in Moldova I believe where it is currently midnight. Unfortunate timing. Like you we are using this in a live commercial app and have some unhappy customers. A shame as the plugin has always been fantastic in the past.


Unfortunate timing indeed! Best of luck putting out fires until it’s fixed :slight_smile:

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Facing the same issue in all of our apps using this plugin. Any update @zeroqode2 ?

Thanks in advance

This is urgent, please fix it right away, it’s causing me a lot of damage


Can this please be addressed soon? Customers are complaining that this keeps happening and that it happened last August. It did!! Last time this plugin broke it took Zeroqode 2 days to fix it. Perhaps someone should be “on call” to handle problems that come up in the Western time zones (?)

Same problem here!! please solve this, our customers are waiting for this

Hello everyone.

Can you please check now the issue? On the demo page everything is ok at the moment. :pray:
Let us know how it goes.


still not fixed here :frowning:

@dennis , can you please provide access to your app so we can check it? Add support@zeroqode.com to your list of collaborators. :pray:

Not working there too :frowning:

@delegue-general , please add support@zeroqode.com to your list of collaborators, I’ll check it.

done, but tot test it in my application you have to fill in a survey first.

Having the same issue on my clients platform. Any update on this?

Same problem here…not working…PLEASE give us an idea what is going on!!!

Problem fixed in my side! Thanks for quick response!

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Yeah! Problem fixed…they also replied an email…Thanks for quick response!

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