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Using expressions in pdf converter for page breaks?


I’m trying to allocate each row of a repeating group it’s own page when using the pdf converter plugin.

The plugin works just fine if I’m happy to not use pagebreak ids, but once I add in an expression to the pdf converter, it no longer seems to create a pdf.

This is the configuration I am attempting to use:

There is a main group which I am using as the target element.

This is the repeating group - I am hoping to have each row allocated it’s own page.

To do that there is a pagebreaker in the repeating group, which uses the current cell’s unique ID as it’s ID attribute:

And in the pdf converter, I refer to a list of unique ID’s as the pagebreak ID.

However when I run the app and use the save report button, nothing seems to happen…

Is what I’m trying to do not possible, or am I missing something?


Hello @claire.marten.home! Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for such a detailed request description. It was very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:
As I can see from your screenshots, you are using the latest plugin version (1.35) or any after the 27th version.

On the updated plugin demo page there is a “Things to note” section, where you can see the information that on the latest plugin version, the Pagebreaker element is not used and the page breaking logic is changed:

If you want to keep using the same plugin version (the 35th) - please follow the instructions, given on demo page and check demo page editor.

If you want, you may roll-back to the 27th plugin version and use the Pagebreaker elelemt as you have used before. Also, some our users prefer the 25/27 versions because the PDF document quality is a bit better there. So, it’s up to you which version to choose.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Kate,

To clarify, there’s no way in the current version to assign each member of a repeating group its own page?


No, it is possible in the current version (1.35) to convert each repeating group page into the separate one in the output PDF file.

Please check this page editor to see the setup:

It should help :slightly_smiling_face: