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Using Google Sheets Plugin

Hi Sergey,

I have the same problem than Salesfindr could you help me please? I have done everything you told him to do but I still receive this error message: errorCdC

Do you have an idea where it could come from? I believe that it might be that I didn’t authorized properly Bubble to access the Google Sheet…

Thank you,


Hey Marc, i suggest checking this link also https://forum.bubble.is/t/how-to-google-services-client-id-secret/18845
to double check if you have done everything correctly. If you are sure that you followed all the steps and it still doesn’t work, it could be worth adding us as collaborators to your app ([email protected]) so we could see what’s the issue there


I don’t have the right plan to add collaborators… Is there by any chance a video which could show me how to properly use your “Google Sheet + Offline” plugin? I have many problems with it.

our account is on the agency plan so you should be able to add us ([email protected]) - we don’t have a video for our plugins yet I’m afraid, but we’ll try to help you out

Hey Marc,
never share your credentials publicly :slight_smile: i would suggest you regenerate them after.
Also, it doesn’t help us much to understand what did you do wrong. The way to go here would be either to add us to your app, or to send screenshots of how you configured your plugin and repeating group where you are trying to show the data in.

Hey Levon,
I added you to my app with the adress you sent me above. I am quite lost: for the moment I just want to visualize all the date from my google sheet. After that I want to be able to modify the data inside the spreadsheet by answering questions on the app. I seem to have problems defining how the plugin should act in the app and also the API connection between my app and google sheets.
Thank you for your help and client support!

Hey Marc,
I see that you haven’t done all the basic steps yet, here is an excerpt from the plugin instructions:

  1. Get your App ID and App Secret by registering your application at
  2. Add these URLs to the list of callback URIs for your app in the Google developer console (replace “yourapp” with your appname and “pagename” with the name of the page where the workflow to authenticate the user is run from.
  1. To authenticate the user, please create a button with workflow "account-signup/login with a social network and choose “google sheets”. After the user has authenticated and authorized your app to access their contacts, the data will become available in Repeating Group and you can run workflow actions to modify the sheets

So right now you need to add all those URLs
as for number 3 - i’ve already did that, please confirm once you add the URLs

Hi Levon,

I have entered all my URL in the google console :
My yourapp: esquisse & my pagename: index.

But it still sends me an error message when I try to authenticate with my gmail:

"Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

The redirect URI in the request, https://esquisse.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/oauth_redirect, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials/oauthclient/52446618483-268bqno8554fld72c39rahg74bkecm7g.apps.googleusercontent.com?project=52446618483"

I don’t see where I messed up with my URIs…

Thank you

pay attention that you added the URLs with the word “index” while that word does not always appear in the URL. So i suggest adding same URLs but without index (keep the ones that already added, it won’t hurt)

I just added “https://esquisse.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true” in my URIs and it works !

Thank you for all the client support !

you are welcome, hope you can figure out the next steps, if not let me know

Thank you,

Now the challenge is to display the spreadsheet directly on the application & being able to modify the spreadsheet by answering questions on the app ! I’ll try to figure how it works and I’ll come back to you if I can’t seem to find a solution !

Hi Levon,

I’m back. I have been testing a couple stuff with your plugin and I have several little questions:

  1. The “Read Sheet Value (Data)” enables us to read data by the application but not visualize it ?

  2. I manage to display the properties of my spreadsheet with “Get Spreadsheet details” but I am unable to get the information in my spreadsheet. How can I do that ?

  3. Can I display my full spreadsheet on my app with your plugin ?


Hi Levon,

I was wondering if your plugin could support the A1 Notations (https://developers.google.com/sheets/api/guides/concepts?hl=fr) ?

I tried to modify several rows at a time or even modify a column but it doesn’t seem to work, if it doesn’t support this notation, will there be an update which could make it possible ?


Hey Marc,
i’m setting up a demo app to show how to use the plugin to read/write google sheets.
Please bear with me for a day or 2 and I’ll try to finish that app and share with you.

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I’ve managed to put it together faster.
check it out here and let me know if any questions


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Thank you, I’ll work on it and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi Levon,

Thanks for the demo, it helped me a lot.

I must be messing up my A1 notations, because I can’t modify a full column or several rows… Is it normal ?


the call is currently for updating rows, So you indicate the starting point and then list the values to be ammended in that row. We can add more calls if you need for more sophisticated operations

I believe the plugin would be perfect if we were able to do all those calls, it would enable its users to create some advanced spreadsheet operation through their app. Is it possible?

-Sheet1!A1:B2 refers to the first two cells in the top two rows of Sheet1.
-Sheet1!A:A refers to all the cells in the first column of Sheet1.
-Sheet1!1:2 refers to the all the cells in the first two rows of Sheet1.
-Sheet1!A5:A refers to all the cells of the first column of Sheet 1, from row 5 onward.
-A1:B2 refers to the first two cells in the top two rows of the first visible sheet.
-Sheet1 refers to all the cells in Sheet1.

Which would be all the notations we are able to do in an excel spreadsheet!