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What AWS Service for my App

I have an app on bubble and i will have to store a lot of staff and companies documents so i created a account amazon web service to link it to my app by using zeroquode plugin.
But I am bit confused by the tons of products I see on amazon and don’t know which one to take. It seems that aws s3 is the one to take.
Please help me understand in a simple way these products and the one you recommend.


Hi there,
yes, AWS S3 is the one to be used.
In order to connect it to your Bubble app, you’d need to use our plugin for that:

and make sure to read this documentation with step by step instructions:

hope this helps

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I have created my account and installed the plugin.
I think I must read more to understand how to secure the access to my aws
But for the moment, only File Uploader no GUI is working (I use a workflow to upload, the normal fileuploader isn’t (it seems that it is automatic)
When I hover the file I have the message: “The server responded with 0 code” don’t know what that means
Can you help ?

You’d need to check the documentation carefully and reproduce everything as explained step by step. Including the S3 bucket policies etc.

That’s what i think i have done, I will go more carefully and read more to understand

Hi there.

Look at the other thread regarding the error (AWS File Upload - Server responded with 0 code), please be sure that you don’t have misspelling of some words in settings or anywhere else.


Hi Dumutru
I changed my mind and decided to use my google drive account to store my app datas instead of AWS, so I uninstall the aws plugin and bought your google drive plugin (service).
I think it is too complicated for me for the moment I will back to it when needed
I followed the instructions: I used the project I had for the maps I use in bubble, and so I enable Google Drive API.
Then I create a service account and got my ISS Account, my private Key

But the document stops there, I have checked the demo and I Still don’t see how to actually connect this to my drive or the drive I want.
I was thinking the thing would be connected the google account where it has been created but for the moment and I can not manage to pull any info from my account and I think that the documentation could give an example since the demo doesnt talk a lot to non code developpers

Hello @chimeresompare

The Google Drive (Service Acc) can not be used with a personal Google Drive instance provided with a standard GMail Account. Think of it like a VM Storage instead, which provides access to a VM Google Drive instance. You could read more about it here about Service Type Accounts - Comprender las cuentas de servicio  |  Documentación de Cloud IAM  |  Google Cloud

Please do check the setup for Google Service Account - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-sheets-and-charts-service-plugin/obtaining-service-account-keys
from screenshot you’ve provided I see the the key you’ve inserted in settings is not correct.
You’ll need to remove the (new lines) \n from key and align it.

Read about the API Calls provided - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-drive-service-acc.-plugin

And the setup plugin can be seen here:

It should give you the insight for setting and managing the plugin.


AWS Service is very useful because it supports all types of the Web site or Apps. For instant support related to the Change AOL Password please contact our technical expert for the best solution.

It seems that I have reached an understanding ceiling here. I realise that I need to get trainned or need the help of a real IT or developper on this.
I think I do not understand yet what this google service is supposed to do and as i managed at least to upload with aws( with Fileupload NOGUI), i will see what i can do
I will try to get through it, problems are always occasion to become more skilled.

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