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Working with Sheets plugin in Bubble


I have a list of things I would like for my bubble app to do in regards to google sheets. I have the keys and everything in order as well as a google authentication in log in from google. I am looking for some help with actually using the plug in. I have referenced the plugin work flows but i cant understand how it works. Below is a list of things i want to do with my bubble app

1.) when a page is loaded… a new google sheet is created (i want to be able to format the sheets to a specific way when loaded as well.)
2.)I want to take information from an input in my bubble app and put them into a spread sheet
3.) I want to be able to view the spreadsheet in the app
4.) I want to be able to export or save the spreadsheet into google drive or (even better)to a users computer.

Thank you very much for your time.

Very Respectfully,



Hello @josh5,
Thank you for reaching out!

Can you please let me know the full name of the plugin? We provide 3 different plugins that work with Google Sheets. The full name will help us understand which plugin are you referring to.

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I have looked over the workflows for the demo and I cant seem to get it to work. When the workflow say create spreadsheet where is it created? how do I access it? Below are the screenshots from ‘my plugins’ from my app. Thank you for your help in advance.



Below is the workflow used in the plug in. How did you get the ‘Set state’? ca I run a test of this in the preview of bubble?


Hello Josh,

Thank you for providing the name of the plugin.

Here are the answers to your questions:

You can use the workflow “Button Create New Spreadshe is clicked” and trigger it on the page load.

For this can be used the workflow “Button Write To Cell is clicked”

It can be displayed on the page using the HTML element that has the URL of the created spreadsheet as presented on our demo page.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded from the window for viewing it.

It is created on the account connected to the plugin. You can access it using the data calls and actions of the plugin.

‘Set state’ is a default Bubble functionality - you can find more about it here

Yes, sure you can use our demo page to see how the plugin works.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,