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YouTube video setting for Udemy Clone

Hello when instructors create a new course they can add a video ID or record with ziggeo. If they are using YouTube Video ID… how do I make sure the API setting is correct for this feature to work?

There isn’t clear answers in the forum and the udemy clone template was built to function with YouTube API. I tried a new udemy clone app and ran into the same YouTube Error message. As a user when I create a course or edit a course and attempt to same the lesson there is a error message.

Please advise on the best solution for this or point me in the right direction to solve this.

Hi @AlexaAnne,

Thanks for reporting this one as well. In order to solve it, you just have to get the appropriate Youtube API key from Google Console, and place it for the keyYoutube value in the Video duration call. This forum thread Coursely - issue when adding the video code for creating a lesson might be useful.


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@alexander thank you so much! Your help made it so easy to resolve the issue.

I also bought the Video Player and Plyr-Video Player plugins. It looks very good and very native. Is one better than the other?

Is there a way to make it so that the video doesn’t allow the user to go to YouTube / Vimeo from inside the platform?

Is there something I could add to prevent this on mobile?

It show on desktop (picture below) but I can’t click it on mobile if you touch the right place it shows and lets you toggle through to share the video link or watch another video…

Hi @AlexaAnne,

Thanks for feedback. I’m glad it’s working by now. Let me provide some insights on these plugins as well.

They both can upload Bubble/Youtube/Video videos, but the Video Player can be customized a bit more in element’s settings. Although the Plyr plugin is using an external library https://plyr.io/#youtube, which is why it doesn’t allow to navigate to the Youtube platform itself, unfortunately:

Because it comes from this library.

I’m afraid it is not possible to hide these elements, but even if they’re visible, they still do not work once being clicked, unfortunately.

Perhaps you could try the Video Player one instead, as it comes with a bit more features.

Hope it helps. :pray:

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