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we don’t support facebook login yet, but location and picture uploads should work
@brommko please confirm this


@kopris2003 will help us with android.


Thanks @levon for your prompt reply. Could you refer to any tutorial made about my requirements


the simple instructions come with the native package when you buy it.


@brommko please confirm


Facebook, location and uploads should work just fine. @kopris2003 can help us with all of that for android.


Hi, I bought the package you mentioned to make ‘Native app’ made at bubble.is in the form of ‘Android apk’. But I still don’t know how to extract my project from bubble.is into an android file. Video attached to the package show that you’re following the Android files you already have in your guide, but I don’t have the results of bubble.is in the form of Android files yet. Can I get some advice?



To config android app with your site you have to add site url to res/values/config.xml.
After that you can build mobile app and test on your phone.
<string name=“target_url” translatable=“false”> YOUR SITE URL</string>

Best regards


Hi @brommko, will facebook, location and uploads definitely work? I am a bit confused, as @levon pointed out that they dont support that yet. Could you please set me in the right direction?



Yes, that will definitely work.
If you want send me your site URL and I will create demo app for you.

Best regards


Hi Brommko,

Thanks for putting this wrapper together and maintaining it. I’ve followed the documentation / instructions that come with the wrapper. I’ve installed cocoapods and it’s “gems”, per the instructions. I’ve renamed the app and matched the bundle ID to one that I’ve setup in my developer account. When I run the app, i’m getting all the errors in the screen shot (mainly seeing Defaults[.adsPurchased] = true). Note that I don’t have any ads activate in my plist. What am I doing wrong? I just want to load a simple page (like http://cnn.com in your video) as the first test. I’ve also attached a screen shot of installing the gems / cocoapods.

Thank you!


@levon - sorry if I missed this somewhere, but are there tutorial videos for integrating push notifications via onesignal / bubble web app? I’m interested in buying your android/ios native solution as well, as long as I can deliver push notifications


Hi Jordan, push notifications are possible, to help you integrate them the devs will give you some instructions how to do that. if your app is on Bubble then there is a good forum thread about that. https://forum.bubble.is/t/onesignal-free-plugin-for-free-and-unlimited-push-notifications/21858


@levon thank you - honestly your responsiveness & good support is why I have grown my trust in Zeroqode & keep coming back.

Shall I email the devs or expect a message from them? Thanks


Thanks for the good words, Jordan, you can email them at [email protected]


Hello. I have bought a couple of packages from Zeroqode and would like to ask your team for assistance. I have bought the native superview feature (Android and IOS bundle). I have a bubble app and have some issues opening the android version (attempting to follow instructions from the html file in doc section, but the superview option is not in the bundle (or not named superview). - edit: also not in folder format, so I could not find res/values/strings.xml. Please help. Also, please note I have obtained the following from Zeroqode:

>Taxi app template


Google map extender

Fastest google places autocomplete

and would like some clarifications on those products. I would greatly appreciate it and will be waiting for your response. Thank you.

Addendum: I have sent you an email as well regarding this matter. Hope to hear from you soon.



Do you have this files in res/values folder?

Best regards


Thank you. I was able to move along until another road block hit. App keeps stopping in emulator. Working on it but it is giving me some difficulty. Any tips?


You can try to change emulator or try on a real device.
If you are able please send me error from LogCat.


Hi @levon - I just purchased your Native apps template. I REALLY hope there is a solution to this:

Is there ANY way to adjust the height of the navigation bar?

(OR, at least when it is disabled, have the status icons separate from the actual content of the webview?)

  • Currently for me, when it’s disabled, my content clashes with the status icons.

  • When it’s ENabled, my content is way too far down the screen.

I’m not seeing anything here:

Thank you!