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we don’t support facebook login yet, but location and picture uploads should work
@brommko please confirm this


@kopris2003 will help us with android.


Thanks @levon for your prompt reply. Could you refer to any tutorial made about my requirements


the simple instructions come with the native package when you buy it.


@brommko please confirm


Facebook, location and uploads should work just fine. @kopris2003 can help us with all of that for android.


Hi, I bought the package you mentioned to make ‘Native app’ made at bubble.is in the form of ‘Android apk’. But I still don’t know how to extract my project from bubble.is into an android file. Video attached to the package show that you’re following the Android files you already have in your guide, but I don’t have the results of bubble.is in the form of Android files yet. Can I get some advice?



To config android app with your site you have to add site url to res/values/config.xml.
After that you can build mobile app and test on your phone.
<string name=“target_url” translatable=“false”> YOUR SITE URL</string>

Best regards


Hi @brommko, will facebook, location and uploads definitely work? I am a bit confused, as @levon pointed out that they dont support that yet. Could you please set me in the right direction?



Yes, that will definitely work.
If you want send me your site URL and I will create demo app for you.

Best regards