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Nevermind - sorry - I figured out the solution. By checking “useTopSafeArea” as YES, it fixed it.


Hey @levon ,

please, think about an update process for your native iOS and Android Templates. They seem to be improved continuously and new features are added. Kind of a release notes mail would be great. Depending on the new features I would be willing to pay for an update, of course!

Anyhow, thanks for your great work!



Hey Roman, thanks for the feedback
we’ll let you know how it goes


I cannot get the project to work at all on Android Studio. Either the “App Keeps Stopping” on the emulator or it fails to get “QCocoaScreen for NSObject(0x0) ((null):0, (null))”.
Ive been trying since yesterday to get this worked out but nothing.
Please Help.


i’ll ask our developers to help



I think you are trying to open the iOS project with Android Studio, you need to open the app with Xcode.

Best regards


I have already completed the one for iOS on xcode.
I’m now trying to do the Android version and I downloaded Android Studio. And I can not get the project to work. The “App Keeps Stopping” on the emulator or it fails to get “QCocoaScreen for NSObject(0x0) ((null):0, (null))”


It has been a week and no help. Below is a screen recording of the problem.



Is this emulator API 29?

  1. Try to change emulator to 28 and targetSdkVersion to 28 and try build app.
  2. In util, folder open AsyncServer and remove code swlib.Swlib.runServer

Api 29 is in beta.

Best regards


Thank you so much! It has appeared to have fixed it. The app is running on the emulator. I’m still getting some error codes but I am assuming those are normal since the app is working on the emulator.



I just bought the package Android+iOS and have some questions in the implementation.

I am having trouble removing ads. The documentation explains this with “If you don’t want AdMob in your app, simply remove key and string tags”, but when I do this in config.xml, the app does not start anymore in the emulator (API28) (error message “… keeps stopping. > Close app”). If I remove the string tags entirly, building fails.

The app we have does not need these features att all:

  • Ads
  • Firebase connection
  • Onesignal
  • InApp billing

Is there a way to remove/deactivate the dependencies for all these features (it does not seem to work to simply remove them from build.gradle)?

The webpage has a short background sound that welcomes the visitor. In a normal Apple browser this will not work before the user has interacted, but I hoped this issue would be solved using your webview app with the settings that allow background sounds to play in Xcode. I have tried this, but the sound won’t play before user interaction i webview app (Xcode simulator) either (after user interacts, all sound effects work fine). Do you know a solution for this?

Thanks in advance. Best regards /Fredrik



For iOS, did you try to set allowVideoPlayInline to YES in the config file? Also, what is your site, I would like to try.

Best regards


Thank you for quick response! Yes, the allowVideoPlayInline is set to YES. And I have set Background Modes to ON (under Capabilities) with Audio… and Background fetch checked.

The website is not a public website (yet) so I’ll send you a message with the URL.

Best regards /Fredrik




  1. You have to remove keys for bannerId and interstitailId.
  2. If you don’t want firebase just ignore you don’t need to change anything.
    Please read FAQ section in our documentation.
  3. OneSignal you have only to remove key is build.gradle
    manifestPlaceholders = [manifestApplicationId : “${applicationId}”,
    onesignal_app_id : “”,
    onesignal_google_project_number: “”]
  4. In config.xml you have to remove public_key and item_sku.

Best regards


i bought the ios and android pack and i’ve successfully change the splash and launcher images but when i changed the package name following the tutorial,

i keep getting this error after changing the package name.

kindly help i don’t know what to do next…



You have to change the package name in app/google-services.json.
In app/google-services.json add com.brommko.adnroid.x2dtvapp.

Best regards


Thanks for the response but where do I find app/google-services.json I’ve tried finding it but I couldn’t figure it out. A screenshot will probably help me find it more easily, thanks.



Click on android and change to the project.
Navigate to app and you will see google-services.json.

Best regards


thanks @kopris2003 but i changed the name inside google services.json yet i still have this error.

pls see the screenshot below.



If you look carefully you will see google-services.json one more on the image.
Also, in that google-services.json you have to change the package name.

Best regards