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hi Thanks @kopris2003 you have been of so much help all through this project. :pray:

i just have one other issue ive changed the package name and the app runs but the emulator brings up this error:
webpage not available

Kindly help me out with this please.



You have to change http to https and everything will works fine.

<string name=“target_url” translatable=“false”>https://app.x2dtv.com/</string>

Best regards


Hey :wave:,

So I’m having a problem trying to upload the archive into the App Store. It says that there is a missing app icon for iPhone/iPod touch of exactly '120x120" pixels,…

How can I fix this to get this thing submitted?


hi @kopris2003 i changed it to https and i still get the same error. What could i be doing wrong


please help @kopris2003

i can’t get it to work


There is a error with your images. Use this site to generate a new icon asset. https://makeappicon.com/ and just replace it with existing one.


ok i’ll give it a try



Please, send me your project and I will check what is problem.

Best regards


Thanks for the help, I got it up to the App Store.
However I got this notice that they are going to stop allowing UIWebView API’s. So will we not be able to publish apps using this method? and if so what’s the solution?



This is an issue with OneSignal SDK, we will replace it with a new one and upload a new version of the app.

Best regards


HI I sent the files you requested via Wetransfer, concerning the error i was getting from the android.

I’m still expecting your response. :pray:



I sent you video via WeTransfer.com.

Best regards


HELP i get this message when i’m trying to Run

my app on my iphone from XCODE

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Build system information

error: “App” requires a provisioning profile with the iCloud and Push Notifications features. Select a provisioning profile for the “Debug” build configuration in the project editor. (in target ‘App’)



Can you send me a screenshot on Xcode or a video, I will need more info. Also you can send me the project on private message and I will check it out.



i’ve sent it via wetransfer

I anticipate your Positive response

Thank you :pray:


hi i saw the video you sent of it working, but you didn’t include how you got it to work.
what do i need to do to get it to work on my own end.
i will appreciate if you send me the working package.

Thank you.


could there be something i’m missing out or is there a setting i need to do inside of android studio.



Can you try with real device?

Best regards



You need to open Xcode and select the target “App” and look the General tab, you need to check Automatically manage signing, you will also see the Provisioning Profile, just select your account. Run the app on your device and that is all. After that, you can select Product > Archive on the top to upload your app on TestFlight.

Best regards


hi i sent you a we transfer concerning this issue, kindly check

Warm regards.