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ZQ Drag-n-Drop Calendar Plugin Setup Problems


Hello @future4dev,

The updated version of the plugin was published. We have tested the bugs spotted by you on the previous version and they do not reproduce more. I hope this time it will work fine on your side as well. Please update the plugin to the latest version.

Best Regards,


Hi @alex.grimacovschi!

Unfortunately the calendar is still not working for me. I’m on v. 1.12.0

Although the calendar will not log you out I cannot create an event or calendar no matter if the user is logged in or not. Nothing is added to the database.

There is also new small, but ridiculous problem: some script within the plugin changes position and icons themselves on the page? Is it possible? It’s just messes up all the icon on the page.

Without plugin:

With plugin on the page:


It also blocks inspector element in debug mode :confused:


Hello @future4dev,

Sorry again for not having a workable solution. I know this may be very frustrating for you as a customer, and for that, I apologize. I just want to let you know that your issue is important to us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with a proper solution. Our developers already started to work on fixing the issue with styles and Inspect function.

Meantime devs checked your app and changed the settings that was influencing the plugin. Specifically was needed to define roles in Data > Privacy. You can check now the events and calendars are added to the DataBase.

I will notify you right once the update will be available.

Best Regards,


No worries @alex.grimacovschi .Your support is world class so it wasn’t frustrating at all.

I’m just happy you guys didn’t give up on it as it is crucial component of my app.

oh man I checked the privacy settings before and I thought it was okay. Thanks for that, my bad.

Thanks again, will look forward to the update.


Hello @future4dev,

After two updates and testing of the plugin, we managed to fix the issue with stylings and inspect function. In parallel, we have checked how the plugin is working on your sides and unfortunately, the changes are not applied in your app. Most probably will be needed to reinstall the plugin and only after that, the issues related to the plugin will disappear. Please try to reinstall the plugin and set up it once again. Also, after reinstall please make sure you have the latest version, just in case.

Thank you very much for your paciency and understanding that you have shown during the process of fixing. We appreciate that very much!

Please after reinstall let me know if everything will work properly.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,


Hello @alex.grimacovschi

So I reinstalled the plugin with the latest version, reloaded the editor and the inspector problem is gone. The plugin also doesn’t influence the build in Bubble icons but its still messes up slightly the Ionic Icons which come from a plugin Ionic Elements. Please test the calendar with that plugin and we will see if its a bug just within my app.



We have tested the Drag and Drop calendar plugin with Ionic Elements. Unfortunately, both plugins are using the same libraries, which cause rewriting of Ionic Elements styles. In the current situation the only solution that we can suggest is to add an HTML element on the page with the following code:
" button {
font-family: unset;
font-size: medium;
line-height: unset;
font: icon;
} "


This code should fix the styling issue with all icons of the Ionic Elements plugin.

Best Regards,


That’s what I thought.

That’s okay, custom code is nice workaround. HTML element did not work for me (I don’t think you can add CSS in that way in HTML element?) but adding the code through CSS plugin worked perfectly.

Thank you guys, you are legends. I’m sorry for all the troubles.

Best Regards



Strange we have tested the code in HTML element and it worked. Anyway glad to hear that the issue is solved.

Thanks for the understanding during the whole process of fixing!

Best Regards,


Hey Alex,

Don’t worry calendar works just fine.

I’m just setting up plugin and there are some limitations that I didn’t predict.

Is it possible to add event to the calendar by action “Make changes to a thing…” or is it only possible by action type “Create new schedule” from plugin?? /I tried to do it manually in DB but I think there is some logic when generating Event ID/

I’m asking because in my case there other fields need to be filled at the same time as event is created - that creates a problem because bubble is to slow to find the STEP 1 of the workflow which creates the Event that I am looking for in STEP 2. There is not “Results from step 1” available as well :frowning:


I found workaround with scheduled custom event +2 second. But when it comes to UX - it sucks.

As you are probably more experienced - can you see any possibility for a better - faster - workaround here?



I don’t think there is another solution besides the one that you used. You can add a pause before the action but basically it will be the same as your solution. I checked with the developers and they confirmed that this is the only solution. At least the only one that we are aware of.

Best Regards,