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ZQ Fuzzy Search and Autocomplete - BUG

Hi everyone,

I am happily using your plugin since a lot of time and I find it really useful.
The plugin is normally working, I have the last version 1.5 and I use it with the Input Box ID.
During the last few days I am updating my app and I “deploy to live” a lot of times during the day.
The problem is that sometimes when I deploy to live the plugin stops working.
It’s very annoying. After a while, while working on other stuff on the app, it starts working again.
With ‘stops working’ I mean it just does not show any result from the search.

What can I do with it? Do you have any idea?


To add some more…

I tried to add another plugin element that searches through ‘Input’s value’ instead of ‘Input Box ID’ and it works perfectly. But I guess it’s slower… right?

On the one with the ID it says Input Box Value (empty).


I think it was something similar to this…

I changed how it gets the list of values and now it works again… but it was working even before!

Hello, @carlo.
Thanks for reaching us.

Unfortunately, the issue you have described is not reproducing on our side.
If you presume it is a plugin bug, you can share with us the maximum details that can help us reproduce the case - video record or a step-by-step flow of the issue reproducing with the plugin settings screenshot and explanation of your use case.

I would like to recommend you to use the plugin demo page and my colleague’s message (that you have shared) as an example of the correct plugin use, for instance.

Adittionally, you can submit the Bug-Report to the Bubble platform. There is a chance that your issue related to your application, but not with the plugin.
The deployment should not affect the plugin work, so it is better co double-check with the Bubble support team by submitting a bug report: https://bubble.io/bug_report

Hope it helps you.
Best regards,