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ZQ Rich Text Editor - New Plugin From Zeroqode


can you give access to your app to [email protected] and point us to the place where we can see this issue with all the necessary details.


I’ve given access. The page is “edit_article.” You will see the RTE present there, and it’s initial content being an existing article’s body content, which is passed thru by link. The Submit Changes button contains the workflow that changes the existing body with the RTE’s content. Let me know if you need more detail. Thanks.


We have fixed this for you, there is a Bubble bug which sometimes doesn’t save plugin’s state to DB so we have implemented a workaround by scheduling a custom event with a small delay, that way it works.


@levon Absolute amazing editor. I’m building a Novel/ TV/ Film Writing web app for a client at the moment and this editor is the final cherry on the top. Love it!

I’ve subscribed to the app and am doing testing before I buy it outright.

I’ve noticed that the initial data doesn’t respond to a data state change. In the gif below, I’ve got the bubble editor responding to a data change initiated from the menu on the left. I’m also display the database view below your editor for reference.

Can the ZQ Editor change it’s initial data source dynamically if the group it’s referencing changes? This is the last piece I need to solve.