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ZQ Text Editor - Bugs and Feature Requests (Updated 5 March)


1. Scroll and focus

When you open a page with the RTE it automatically moves your screen position to it and puts it in focus.
It also seems to change the content, which triggers the “content is changed” workflow.

2. Pressing enter deletes stuff

All I’m doing in this GIF is pressing enter, that’s it. Don’t even have any “content is changed” workflows.

3. Pasting in things moves your screen position up

This also happens when pressing save sometimes. See video below

4. Initial content still overlaps sometimes.

Feature Requests:

1. A Setting for Database Upload Resize Trigger Width and Compression.

Setting the resize trigger width, right now it is fixed at 1920. And the option to compress the image a set % on upload.

2. Dynamic Display Image Resolution and Compression

Right now it seems like it displays the full 1500px image on a 375px mobile, which causes it to load slower and waste data. It should rather show the image at a width close to the current RTE width dynamically. With the ability to set a compression %.

The default Bubble Image element does this by default, so would be nice to have it in the editor too.

Bugs and features that have been addressed:

Recently added (4):
Setting Icon hover color
Border roundness
Removing font size selection
Removing font selection

Recently fixed (4):
Insert picture or video is hidden.
Inserting an image causes it to overlap other elements.
Loading HTML initial content causes overlap.
Icon spacing

Hi Marcus,
we have just published an update to this plugin with the following:

Inserting an image causes it to overlap other elements.
Loading HTML initial content causes overlap.

Enable font sizes checkbox
Enable fonts checkbox
Images max width (by default is 500)
Buttons hover color
Border radius
Tooltip Border radius

Please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version, refresh the page and give it a try.
Please let us know if it’s ok now


That is awesome, I updated the original post by removing the things you added and fixed. There are still some things left though, would be cool if you can take a look. I rewrote some of the text as it was not very clear.

We have just updated the plugin with the following changes:
-Empty spaces between icons when some of them are removed

-Resize image checkbox (Autoresize images with width bigger than 1920px )
-Custom width to resize ( default is 800px)

this is not needed since there is auto cropping which will reduce the file size

this depends on the “stretch to fit content” parameter - you can disable it to avoid this behaviour

this was already added in the previous update, insert 100% for full width of the RTE container

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Awesome, removed from post.

Then it overlaps, auto resize is on.


This is great, would be nice to be able to set the width other than the default 1920px.

I still think it would be useful as you can reduce the file size more efficiently. This would also be great for displaying pictures.

It still shows it in full resolution when displaying. I always want my pictures to display 100% but the resolution to change, just like Bubble’s default images.


We have updated the plugin:

  1. removed the auto resize - stretch to fit does the same and does it more efficiently


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Okay I removed it from the post, even though it is not fixed, I will just add some more margin to the editor since it eats some, not a big deal.

I updated the original post and reworded the two feature requests to be more clear. Hopefully you can agree these features would be extremely useful to all ZQRTE subscribers.

Hi Marcus,
thanks, we’ll consider these 2 requests but can’t promise we can implement them quick
also here is docs page that we have put together for this plugin https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/zq-rich-text-editor-plugin
i’d also appreciate if you could update your review that you left for the plugin on Bubble plugin page https://bubble.is/plugin/zq-rich-text-editor-1525778499312x869621105111859200

Dynamic image display is kind of a huge deal no? Someone uploads a 1800px uncompressed image and it is like 5 MB and it displays full size on a 375px mobile device. Bubble already does this by default with the image element.

Documentation looks the same after updating and restarting the editor.


I tried to update my review, but its not there anymore. I have contacted Bubble.

Also I think I discovered a new bug, when you open a page with the RTE it automatically scrolls down to it. It is also focused automatically which might be why.

I contacted Bubble and they deleted the older review, so it is fixed now.

I did discover a quite annoying new bug too, I added it to the top post.

Edit: Found another bug, added it to top post.

Edit 2: Found a fourth bug, added it to the post.

Edit 3: Another one

Edit 4: Another bug added to post.

we have pushed a new update
1.When the selection is at a lower part of the editor, the pop-up box disappears partially.
2.Pasting things moves screen position up.
1.Added dynamic width for autoresize.
2.Added video custom size settings.

we couldn’t replicate the other bugs, if they still persist we’d need access to your app for [email protected] and detailed explanation how we can reproduce it in your application

Removed from post.

Just tested today March 5 still not fixed.

This makes no sense, if height is fixed and and width is 100% then video will always look weird. Need to set it to an aspect ratio (like 16:9)

Tested today March 5 all bugs are still active and is making my app annoying/unusable. I’m surprised you are having trouble replicate them, almost all of them are very intrusive and appear while just using the editor normally.

we’ll need this in order to assist you further

Typing anything also deletes stuff sometimes, please just play around for a little bit you will find a lot of the bugs listed in the top post.

we’ll need access to your app in order to fix all these issues

Hi Levon! Everything is going great with the text editor. I was reading this thread and see that @marcus was having a similar issue to me with overlap. in read only mode, with stretch to fit content on, the content overlaps the group underneath when the screen is narrowed (responsive). the first image are my settings and the second has the text in red with the group undernearth. there are no images in the text editor. Any tips to fix?

Which version are you using? Please make sure you upgrade to the latest because we’ve been making some improvements

I am actually in the latest version 1.38.0 and I just unsubscribed and re-subscribed and deleted etc and still getting the same overlap problem in read only mode. If you want access to my app pls let me know how I can do that securely. Thanks!

Hi @timothydmueller

Could please post more details, or show your web app page how it setup in bubble editor environment with a read only access view so we could check it.
Could add [email protected] as collaborators.
You could sent the link via PM.
Thanks for understanding.

I was using the text editor and everything was working great but in the last few days formatting changes are not saving. For example, Bold, Itlaic, Font Changes, etc. I tried it on your demo page and it is not working there either (I used the Display Live Changes on this page) https://zeroqode-demo-06.bubbleapps.io/version-test/rte?debug_mode=true

Also, my app saves font color as a thing and I am using the Preselected font color in Default mode to point to that thing so the user types in their selected font color. in Display mode (where the content entered in default mode is displayed, the content saved is not showing in the font color which is the “Preselected Font Color”.

Also in the latest release 1.38.0 it seems videos are not embedding. At least I couldnt get it to work. Does not seem to work on your demo either.

I know bugs can take a while to fix. I have a pretty big demo for a client Wednesday next week. Do you think these updates are possible before then? If you want to view my app you can see it here. https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=admin_signup_settings&id=urbanstems&tab=tabs-1

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