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AWS Uploader - Server Responded with 0 Code



I’ve configured my AWS account and bucket exactly as described in the documentation here. I set up a sample page on Bubble with only one element, the AWS ‘File Upoader’. When I try to upload a test image I get the following error:


What could possibly be the problem?


This is my bucket policy:


Did you ever figure out the issue @tkassis? I am also experiencing the same issue. I followed the instructions closely.

Any input @zeroqode1 or @levon?


Yes, it turned out to be a typo from my end. I had misspelled the region in the plugin settings in Bubble. Double check that you didn’t mistype anything.


Sadly mine is all spelled correctly (As far as I can tell). My region is spelled correctly. I still get the error every time I place and image in the uploader.



Laughing at myself right now…I actually had the region as us-east-1 and it needed to be us-east-2. I both love and hate development.


If it makes you feel any better my typo was ua-east-1 instead of us-east-1. I checked it probably around 20 times yet I never caught the mistake!


Ha it does! I basically just trial and error until something works.