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Google Drive - Get Folder Childrens - return a list of files contained in current folder


I see this call in the documentation Get Folder Childrens - return a list of files contained in current folder but can’t find it in the actual plugin?

Also how do you download a file from Google Drive - It’s not in your demo or in the documentation?



Hello Simon, thanks for reaching out!
Because there are 2 plugins with approximately the same same, which can create some confusion, please specify which are you describing Google Drive API, or complete Google Service API

Best regards, Vitalie.


Hi Vitalie,

It’s even more complicated because you have free plugin called Google Drive as well (maybe a better naming policy is required?)

I am talking about Google Drive API - one on left of your image, paid for version.



Hello, again, Simon
Well if that is the plugin you specify then excuse any inconvenience created but here is the list the data calls it contains.

Best regards, Vitalie.


Sure I can see that but I found documentation via the forum that had different calls in it.

Is there any documentation on downloading a file from Google Drive?



Please see the, Search/Get Files Data Call it should return list of files which can be used in your application.
As for documentation, please check out our demo setup as a reference on how to use the plugin: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=google_drive&id=zeroqode-demo-14&tab=tabs-1
Thanks :pray:
Best regards, Vitalie.