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How to delete a pin from Google Maps with the Google Maps Extender

@kate this is somewhat of a follow up to my question here: Google Maps Extender Plugin add markers not working - #10 by harrisonalley

However, I thought I’d create a separate thread for those who may run into this same issue.

In short, because of a bug in the plugin, you cannot add a single or multiple map markers to the map from a table that contains an image (I think that’s what you were saying, @Kate). However, I have created a work around for adding pins to my map by creating a new table with geographic addresses as part of my workflow and then adding pins from that new table to my map.

You can see this in action on my page: testing_google_maps2

However, I’m wondering if you can help me brainstorm a work around for removing a pin in this workflow:

(since I don’t think this is an option in the plugin).

@kate. No need to get to this anymore. I think I found a work around.

Dear @harrisonalley,

Please receive my apologies that you have managed to find the solution faster than I replied on your request.

Concerning a “bug” in the plugin, I have replied to you in your previous thread (Google Maps Extender Plugin add markers not working).

I may ask you to share your workaround with other Bubblers here in this thread, to help other users, if you have such a desire.

Thank you for understanding and once more, apologies for any kind of confusion or chagrin :pray: :slight_smile: