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Product Hunt Clone Template


here is an excerpt that should help you to do that

it’s taken from here


Not entirely sure that helps - All the fields are matched, except for Creator which by the looks of it I can’t write to as this is set to the User.

So the question really is how to do I bulk upload and set the creator.


Sorry, got the question wrong.
You are right, it’s not possible to write to the Creator field, as it’s a system field which is set when an object is created during a session.
If it’s critical to you, you can have your own Creator Field, update all the workflows and conditions to refer to that field instead of the system Creator field and then use a bulk upload. But that may lead to unnecessary complications I suppose


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: - This makes the whole bulk upload redundant… ugh.

I’m starting to believe that going back to my VulcanJS setup is probably less effort.



Why? what were you trying to achieve?


well importing 200+ items into the DB, where it needs to have the creator set to be able to set this to my user or anyone else so that I’m starting off with all the data I need.

I don’t want to have to go through and re-map the whole workflow just because of this, it’s seems like a waste of my time.

There’s already a lot of stuff to re-structure in the template to make things more templated and modular, so this is a pain tbh.



I understand, we didn’t foresee this scenario otherwise we’d use a custom field and set the creator there instead of using the system field.


Hi, While i know the product hunt template is available for sale, is there any chance that I can get the postmancollections template which is based on product hunt template. It’s just perfect for my requirement and wouldn’t have to do much to get it rolling. Kindly let me know. Thanks.


Just sent you a PM, please check,


hey Levon,
I have the same request as the previous person. Any chance I can get my hands on the Postmans Collection template?

Thanks Kindly.


Just sent you a PM.


Ohh could we get this too?


I’d struggling to fix the responsive nature of the tag element:


I can’t seem to make this expand, it has space to expand and only has a min-width (aka still the default from the theme’s original code)