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Product Hunt Clone Template


Hello - How do you change the page URLs to be a subdirectory?

Currently each page is just “website.com” but I would like to set it up so each page type has its own URL (“website.com/dashboard”) and each product has its own unique URL too.



Hi Chris, each page cannot be website.com - they are website.com/dashboard etc
as for products they are created dynamically on the “product” page
check for example https://apitools.zeroqode.com - if you click on any API you will see that each API has it’s own page, but you can’t see these pages in the Bubble editor because they created dynamically


Thanks, Levon. This ended up being caused by the way the domain name was being pointed to the site. Via forwarding instead of through DNS settings. It seems to be working properly now.

I do have a follow up question though. How do you insert the product name into the URLs for individual product pages?