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Product Hunt Clone Template


Hello - How do you change the page URLs to be a subdirectory?

Currently each page is just “website.com” but I would like to set it up so each page type has its own URL (“website.com/dashboard”) and each product has its own unique URL too.



Hi Chris, each page cannot be website.com - they are website.com/dashboard etc
as for products they are created dynamically on the “product” page
check for example https://apitools.zeroqode.com - if you click on any API you will see that each API has it’s own page, but you can’t see these pages in the Bubble editor because they created dynamically


Thanks, Levon. This ended up being caused by the way the domain name was being pointed to the site. Via forwarding instead of through DNS settings. It seems to be working properly now.

I do have a follow up question though. How do you insert the product name into the URLs for individual product pages?


Hi Chris,
that happens automatically by Bubble. The product names are sourced from the database and are used in the URL.


Hello @levon I just bought this template. No documentation is included ? Setup instructions ? I hope there is. I paid for something I shouldn’t be guessing by myself how it works.


Hello, thanks for reaching out! We are working on docs.
we are working on creating documentation for all our templates and are about halfway through, but for this template we don’t yet have one, i’m afraid. there are some very useful threads in this forum in regards to this template, that you could search and explore.
We will be also producing short video courses that would cover the usage of our templates but that will also take time.
My apologies for this but in the template description on Bubble we make explicitly warn about lack of documentation.


Hello, please tell me, when you can expect the template documentation? it’s hard to figure it out. Can I change the language in the template? for example in Russian.


Hi, thanks for the question, very soon we are going to publish a video documentation for this particular plugin. Meanwhile, it’s very easy to change the template language from English to any other language.
Please let us know if you have other questions, we’ll be glad to help.


Thank you, Levon :slight_smile:


Hi @levon I bought a product hunt template. Please tell me:

  1. Why do I need a dashboard for users of my site? how can they use it?
  2. How can I hide it from them? so that for me it remains visible as an administrator