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💳 Stripe Marketplace Express Checkout - New Plugin from Zeroqode



Unfortunately, we do not have the right to edit your app and because of that, we cannot check what is the cause of the issue. Could you please provide edit rights and also please specify on which page are you initiating the actions that are causing the issue.

Best Regards,


@alex.grimacovschi - I edited your access for the app, as requested.

PROBLEM 1: The page is “pro” and the workflow that is disabled is the one causing the issue with the Update a Seller call.

I hope you can provide a fix at the earliest.

PROBLEM 2: this error is not consistent at present, appearing sometimes and not at other times. It was on the same page “pro” and the action is below:

Hope you can provide a fix at the earliest please. Thank you.


@jagdish_bajaj, thank you for providing editing rights.

I am afraid, that is caused by an issue with the plugin. We will make an update with fixes of that issue ASAP. I will let you know when the update will be ready.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to reproduce the issue. Each time it was working properly. We assume that this may be an issue caused by Bubble. Could you please try to replace the element StripeMarketplaceToken with a new one.

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@alex.grimacovschi - thank you for looking after this right away.

I continue to have issues, another one cropped up today. Not sure if this is the expected behaviour, please correct me if it is.

I called “Platform - charge a customer” but my currency was empty. An error appeared on the Stripe dashboard, as expected.
However inside my app, the workflow continued to execute and the error workflow associated with my “Pay” button did not trigger either.

Although I fixed the currency issue, not sure if this is the right outcome and if so, how would I prevent processing from continuing if the payment action fails?

I hope the team @zeroqode can resolve the issues with the plugin at the earliest since we want to be live in the next few days.



@alex.grimacovschi - I created a testing page test_stripe_zq_cards to test the plugin for card processing. To catch declines and other errors, I have an action after “Platform - charge a Customer” to see if there was an error.

The above is working fine. I would like to know if the above is needed to catch processing errors or does the plugin offer some other way.

Thanks again,



I’ve just purchased this plug in but cant find anyway to access it…

The only thing new I’m seeing is a Stripe marketplace token which is just Stripe’s logo.

Any idea what I need to do?


@mike4 - this is one of the few plugins for bubble that has pretty good documentation. It can be found at the link below:


First thing to do is to read over the docs, you should find all your answers there. Everything begins by dragging the marketplace token element onto a page. Then, specific actions will allow you to generate tokens that you can use to tell Stripe to create customers/accounts for your app. Its all there in the documentation.

Hope this helps,


I’m getting a few errors today when simply trying to create a new card for a customer:

I'm also getting this error when trying to use the external API.

It uses “Retrieve customer sources”, but despite being invisible still shows this info. It’s only visible when a customer has a stripe customer id (saved on user). Unsure why the plugin is still triggering despite the element being invisible?

The service Stripe marketplace - Retrieve a customer just returned an error (HTTP 404). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error: { "error": { "message": "Unrecognized request URL (GET: /v1/customers/). If you are trying to list objects, remove the trailing slash. If you are trying to retrieve an object, make sure you passed a valid (non-empty) identifier in your code. Please see https://stripe.com/docs or we can help at https://support.stripe.com/.", "type": "invalid_request_error" } }

Seems to be a double slash creating the 404…



@mike4, as @jagdish_bajaj mentioned you first of all you will have to add the element of the plugin to the page. Also, it will help a lot to check the documentation.

@jagdish_bajaj, thank you for your help. The problem reported earlier by you “country_code is not defined” was fixed. Please update the plugin to the latest version to have the updates available on your side.

@matt we will check the issue and will provide an answer ASAP.

Best Regards,


Appreciated, thanks.


Thank you @alex.grimacovschi, will update and let you know how it goes.


Hello @alex.grimacovschi - sorry to keep reporting problems but it is good if we can identify them and fix them.

PROBLEM: When I call “Platform - Charge a Customer” and if the card is declined by Stripe, no errors are shown.

The actions continues as normal. I have setup error handling on the element and also setup “unhandled” error handling, but both do not get triggered. This problem is only for this particular API call, other calls like “Create a Card Token” are working correctly. Please see page “test_stripe_zq_cards” in my app and click CREATE A CHARGE.

This is an urgent problem preventing us from going live, would appreciate it if your team could look into it at the earliest.


Hello @jagdish_bajaj,

It is not a problem at all to post here about the bugs of the plugin, moreover, we highly appreciate all the information that all users share here. Our final goal is to have a fully workable product that will make integration of Stripe easier. Thanks, to you and to all other users for being so proactive in finding and reporting bugs.

We will check the issue reported by you and will come with a solution ASAP.

Best Regards,


Thank you @alex.grimacovschi Look forward to hear back at your earliest convenience.


Hi there,

We checked with the developers the issues reported earlier.

@matt - Please try to use conditional on the text element that is retrieving the customer id. The condition should be like this" When Current User’s customer id is not empty"
and then Text “Stripe Marketplace (testing) - retrieve a customer’s id”

Then please let us know if you will continue to have errors.

@jagdish_bajaj for detection of errors please use the event "StripeMarketplaceToken Error"Also, in the field Source please make sure you are using pre-saved customers’ data in the DataBase. As retrieve action may take to long and may cause further issues.

Hope that will help!

Best Regards,


@alex.grimacovschi - if you see my workflow on the page test_stripe_zq_cards, I am already using the suggested event “Stripe Marketplace Token Error”. See below:

I am also already using “Unhandled error” event. See below:

The problem is that both errors are not being triggered if the card is declined. I hope this is more clear with the screenshots. Any questions, please let me know.

This is really urgent please. Appreciate your quick response.


Hello @jagdish_bajaj, thank you very much for the clarifications.

The idea is that the Event “Stripe Marketplace Token Error” is verifying if the data used on the creation of the card are correct, so it is working with card creation action. Card decline error appears when it is initiated a charge, unfortunately, this error cannot be identified on the creation of the card.
The error “card_declined” can be identified in two ways:

  1. You can add an action “Show a pop-up” after the action “Platform charge a customer” and in that pop-up would be needed to have text element that will show “Result of step 1 (platform charge a…)'s Error” and there will be needed to have a condition like this “Result of step 1 (platform charge a…)'s Error is not empty”
  2. You can set up webhooks for identification of that errors here is Stripe documentation where you can find more about how to do that: https://stripe.com/docs/webhooks/configure

I hope this will solve the problem.

Best Regards,


Yes @alex.grimacovschi - several days ago, I tested this method Result of step 1 (platform charge a…)'s Error is not empty and found it was working well to catch card declines.

Did not receive a reply to that post, but nevertheless, I am glad to know that this is the correct way to do it. I was unsure if the plugin had some other way. Perhaps you can add a sentence to your documentation to clarify this.

Thank you @alex.grimacovschi and the team at zeroqode for helping to sort this out.


Hi. I sorted that error. I have a few questions:

  1. How do I list all payouts in a repeating group? The aim is to provide the user with a receipt that includes a job number.
  2. How do I post tax rates and charges via the plugin according to Stripe tax API docs?


Hello @matt,

We will check with the developers how this can be done and will inform you.

Currently, the plugin doesn’t have this functionality. But if you can provide more details regarding what you want to achieve maybe we can find an alternative solution.

Best Regards,