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💳 Stripe Marketplace Express Checkout - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Hello @matt,

Regarding your first question:

We did a small update of the plugin and now you can use “Stripe marketplace - Retrieve all payouts’s data” call.

Please update the plugin to the latest version to have this functionality working properly.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex. Thanks, I’ll give that a try.


Hi Alex and @levon,
I’m managing to process tax on the bubble side by saving the necessary details. I noticed that when setting up bank accounts some countries require an additional field not available in a workflow.

Currently you have a worlflow for Stripe bank token allowing these inputs:

  • Account number
  • Institution number
  • Currency code
  • Country code
  • Account holder name

However some Stripe bank support countries such as Canada require:
:white_check_mark: Account number
:white_check_mark: Instiution number
:white_check_mark: Currency code
:white_check_mark: Country code
:white_check_mark: Account holder name
:x: Transit number - Nowhere to enter this

Do you think you could add a further field please?


Hello @matt,

We checked your request with our devs here is what was found:
“Stripe actually requires only the account number and routing number for canadian bank accounts to be attached to an account. So there is no need nor an option to add additional parameters for that.”

So actually as far as we know this field is not needed.

Best Regards,


Ok, thanks for checking that. I’m assuming that all current available bank account countries that stripe supports are configurable via the plugin. If I run into issues I’ll give you a shout.


Hey @matt - the Stripe docs for Canadian accounts expect the routing number to be supplied as below:

The leading 5 digits are actually the transit number. In my app, I am sending the transit number, followed by a dash, followed by the institution number, as below:

Hope this helps you or the next reader of this post.


yes that’s actually a great help! thanks.