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Stripe Marketplace Express Help header value for Stripe account is not correct


Zeroqode forum helped me a lot last weekend.
But I faced the trouble.

I could implemented Stripe payment correctly, but suddenly I can’t.

Error message is

Stripe marketplace error: this header value for Stripe Account is not correct.

I didn’t changed Stripe workflow from the day (Stripe Marketplace Express Workflow didn't end in Debugger Step-by-Step mode)

I confirmed that the API Keys & Client IDs are the appropriate ones for Live vs Test modes, and their values do not contain any spaces before/after the actual value.

How can I fix this problem?
I am going to deploy this service the day after tomorrow, I need your help.

Hi @naokimatsuo,

Thanks for getting back. Could you please share screenshots and/or a screencast of your Design setups and Workflow tab, so we can see the exact steps that are made on your end, to identify the reason of this issue.

It depends mainly on the:

  1. Stripe configurations
  2. Workflows (actions, their order, and what data is being passed)

We’ll check on your setups then help asap.


Hi, was there an answer to this as I’m suddenly experiencing exactly the same issue…

Hello @dan4,

Thanks for reaching out.

We have noticed that you’ve already resolved your issue in this forum thread.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: