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That is sad, since the picture upload element of bubble stopped working on your iOS app. The whole app crashes.

You did a recompiling in the past for newer Xcode versions, didn’t you? What is the point now, you don’t support the old native app and we have to buy the “Single Application License” for $790 instead?

Hi, I purchased Zeroqode native app about 3 months ago. Can someone help me to upload the app?

Hi! Can someone help me?

Hi, what issues do you have with it? Please describe them here and we’ll try to help you out

Im looking for someone to upload my app, the thing is that I bought the Zeroqode Native App but I dont have a Mac to compile and upload.

Im looking for someone to upload my app, the thing is that I bought the Zeroqode Native App but I dont have a Mac to compile and upload.

Im looking for someone to upload my app, the thing is that I bought the Zeroqode Native App but I dont have a Mac to compile and upload.

Hello @cesarmejiapositivo

Sorry for late reply :pray:

Have you tried to contact @brommko at

So he could try help you out.


Yes, I did it but I can do it again. Thank you so much.

If someone else is available to do it, contact me.

[email protected]

Hello! I have the same issue, could you resolve it?

Hello guys! Apple rejected my app and says:

Guideline 4.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

Your app provides a limited user experience as it is not sufficiently different from a mobile browsing experience. As such, the experience it provides is similar to the general experience of using Safari. Including iOS features such as push notifications, Core Location, and sharing do not provide a robust enough experience to be appropriate for the App Store.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app to provide a more robust user experience by including additional native iOS functionality.

What im supposed to do?

Hey!! I need some help here, this is something that you need to help us.

Hello @itt.edgarstgo

Thanks for reaching out.

In order to understand the issue which you encounter, can you please provide more details on the Native Solution which was used in order to achieve your app?

Also have you tried appealing ?

If you’ve appealed, what was their response?

Were you able to resubmit?

Looking through the description, it seems like an design issue how the UX is created.
I would recommend you to try and resubmit the application by following their guidance.
Thanks for understanding


Hello @Dumitru

Hope you are well.

First, we bought a template from Zeroqode ‘Rently’ and then we bought the Native App Solution about 6 months ago…

This is our website: https://rentalodr.com/
and is completely responsive.

We have resubmitted the app 2 times and apple says the same.

We dont know how to develop more functionalities in the native app as we are not iOS developers. And we added some menus but it look like is not enough.

We need help from you to add some functionalities as Apple says the app need to be different from a mobile browsing like safari.

Hope you understand,

Hello @itt.edgarstgo

Thanks for the details, however for customization - we offer customization services based on our templates and from scratch as well based on bubble.
Read more about how this works: https://dev.zeroqode.com

To get you the effort estimates we need to have the requirements about the project shared first.
If you’re interested - please Send us a Request and one of our managers will get back to you. https://dev.zeroqode.com/?scroll=getstarted
Hope this helps.


Okey Done! Hope we can accomplish this.

Thank you @Dumitru


Is there some overview documentation on how zeroqode native apps handles low level device actions with a native mobile app? I’m very interested to learn how you handle native page transitions and loading indicators for when jumping from page to page in the app.


Hello @jonathan, thank you for reaching out!

Native transitions and animations are enabled by default, and it’s straightforward to configure multi-level hierarchical navigation and additional native styling. Here you can find more information regarding Native Page Transitions.

Best Regards,

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