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Here’s what I’m getting when I try to run the app on iPhone.




I never had this issue. Can you check this link and try to find a solution:


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I have a problem with my Zeroqode App.
Like you see in the screenshot, I would like to have the statusbar on my iOS App enabled but I dont want to have a full navigation controller, because it takes to much space away. My problem is, that the statusbar lays over my content. I search for a way to push down the content to the bottom of my statusbar and after that, to color the statusbar. I hope you can help me.

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Hello, I’ll ask our dev to help you out here @brommko



The app is on full screen, can you add css code to pull down your content. There is nothing on native side of the platform that we can do to fix this. Can you try something like this:

.platform-ios .ios-header {
  height:calc(56px + 20px);
  min-height:calc(56px + 20px);

So you need to push down all of the content for iOS platform. Here is one more example:

.toolbar-ios {
  height: 44px + $cordova-ios-statusbar-padding;
  padding-top: $cordova-ios-statusbar-padding;

.toolbar-title-ios {
  padding-top: $cordova-ios-statusbar-padding;

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Thanks for your help!