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Zeroqode Native Apps


additional cost of?
If you can let me know its something I would consider.


it’s $25 per app for wrapping everything


Done! … let me know how to pay for it and give details please. Please pass on my details. I presume your developer can guide me on how to push forward with getting it published also?


just drop him an email at [email protected] and he’ll be happy to assist you


Thank you Levon - I appreciate your assistance as I am such a newbie to APP development!
Its all a bit daunting …


@levon Hi, I am considering purchasing your solution, for both platforms, I have a web app which is used by friends and family members only. It is a chat client written in JavaScript and using a flat file database. I wonder if, by using your solution, I would be able to target the users with a push notification when new items are posted, or perhaps a direct push to an individual user if they are tagged? Are both of these possible with your native apps solution?

Many thanks, Mark.


Hello Mark,
our solution supports OneSignal which is a free service for push notifications but you would need to integrate it in your web app in order for it to work. If you are capable of doing that then yes, it’s possible :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, @levon, for the prompt response to my query!
Is it relatively simple to integrate the code to call on one signal to push the notification to the desired user, via php or jquery?

Many thanks, Mark.


It shouldn’t be very complex for an experienced developer, Mark


Hi again,

since I managed to bring my App to iOS using your template (Native look like navigation bar was the key! ) I am now on Android. I am very confused with the bunch of videos in your template and can’t even make it run on the emulator.

  • I have got an Error while building the app: app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac
  • Where can I find the Icons and Splash Screens, there is nothing in the set up video about it
  • how do I build the apk for the app store and where can I set up App ID / APK ID and so on?

The set up video for iOS had much more details. Is there a newer documentation for Android available? (got your template at the beginning of the year)

Best Regards!



Yes there is a newer documentation available, I will send you a new link over private message.

Best regards


Thanks! Is there probably a new iOS documentation available as well?! :slight_smile:


We are currently working on iOS 12, Swift 4.2 and new documentations with video tutorials.

Best regards



I bought package for ios and android and bumped into an issue when trying to follow video to setup Android.

I assume that the zip that I should extract is this one Zeroqode.zip in Product folder but when I extract it and try to open existing project with Android studio I don’t see any file which can be opened with studio (like the one with green icon on the video) so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I am on mac and have Android studio for mac if that’s important.



This is what I see when I try to open it in the Android studio:



First open Android Studio and choose “Open an existing Android Studio project”.
After that select folder where you extract android project.
In Android projects, there is no icon.

Best regards


Great! When will this be available as I do not want to spend the $299 if the file is already obsolete.

Also, @kenelly @safreider did you ever get your app published to the 2 stores using their course? It would be great to understand if you had additional costs so I can properly scope out the work & cost up-front.


the updated files are already available in the package on our website


Is it possible to get the new version of the package? I bought the Package earlier this year.


The iOS Version went straight forward https://kigorosa.de/ 4 ==> https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/kigorosa-ausflugsportal/id1346812022?mt=8. I took me some hours since I never developed with xCode but the tutorial is quite good (the last version) Next step is the Android version.