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sent you pm with the link


Hello @levon . does it matter which xcode template I choose as I’m trying to follow your quickguide video?



Why do you need a new template, this is not shown in the quick guide video? Everything you need to do is to:

  • unpack the project zip
  • open the white Zeroqode.xcworkspace file
  • in xcode general tab for Zeroqode target there is a display name input, put your site name in it.
  • on the left side of Xcode select file named Zeroqode.plist file and set the URL with your own
  • on the top there is a run button, select one of the simulators and press Run
  • now your app is ready
  • open documentation and follow the instructions for replacing image and splash icons

If you need more help, send me a private message.

Best regards


I am running into multiple issues to use the Native App solution in iOS (I haven’t even tried the Android one).

  1. Multiple deprecation warnings. I downloaded the link I got in my email after purchasing and upon building with Xcode 9 (which is not even the latest) got 84 warnings, many of them referring to deprecated behaviors.


Is there a newer version of this package? And if so, why do we have to go through the process asking for it instead of getting the right link upon purchase?

  1. Plist seems to not be read I tried changing the interstitial ads by setting the ShowInterstitialInSecoundsEvery to 5 as shown in the video and the counter still counts to 60.

  1. Outdated Guided Video. I understand that fundamentally there is not much difference between what is shown in the video and the actual zip file, but it would be nice to have a guided video that shows something that actually looks like the Xcode workspace I am opening. Is there an updated video/doc besides the one included in the zip file?

In conclusion, is there a place to download the updated version mention in previous conversations?



Hi Mariano,
I’ll ask our developer to help you out



We are working on a new version of the app. Warnings are just warnings and they are not in our app, the project is using dependency libraries that have those but we are working on that also. With new update, we will attach new tutorials.

About interstitials, Google updated the policy a few days ago, they don’t allow showing ads like that anymore, so we are going to remove that functionality in our next update and add something new.

Can you send me everything you need in the app and I will create it for you? Name, URL, bundle id, splash image 2048-2048, app icon 1536x1536.

Best regards



How can I get Bubble file links to be opened as Images on the Android App? Is that possible?



Hi Albert,
the question is a bit confusing. Our Native App solution simply wraps whatever web app you have into native android or ios app. So if your Bubble web app opens images the same will be done in the native app, makes sense?


Hi Levon,

Thanks for the quick replay. This is what I believe it should do, but the reality is that if I open the website on the browser the image opens in an external tab. If I do that on the android app, it just does not do anything, there’s is just a screen flashing when the image is clicked (see video attached).

If I change the bubble app not to open links on another browser, the app moves to another page, but this is not the desired behaviour.

Hopefully, the issue is clear now.

Thanks for your help.



Please, Can you send us your site URL?
We will check what is the problem with the image.

Best regards



The URL is: https://starnapp.com/version-test/workshop_mobile/

If you need the login credentials, send me a private email and I will provide a test username and password.