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Cancel subscription - time remaining

So what you’e saying is that the statement made from you before is incorrect?

And BTW the link you sent me is about cancellation.
Is the check not another request? YES/NO state?

The provided answer follows from the results of the Air Native practical application.

As our plugin works with the data provided by the Google Play platform, we can’t confirm/speak/guarantee something on their behalf. The only available source of information is the Google Play Developer API documentation link shared above, where the description is quite general.

No, this API call provides purchase status, with the states described above.


Thanks for clarifying. Is there any documentation describing this process in case?

OK. After several checks it is clear that the IAP Check Active Purchase state returns immediately “NO” after subscription cancellation.

Even if the subscription is still valid.

It will only result in “yes” if no cancellation has been made (either during free trial or regular).

Hi @hmmmhaa3, thanks for your question.

Currently, available sources are Air Native plugin supporting documentation: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/air-native-plugin and API documentation of the related platforms (Google Play and Apple Store).

If there will be any other questions about our products, please drop a message.

Thank you for letting us know, the developer team will check that on our side too.


Google play and App Store do not behave the same.

Google play returns a yes even if the monthly subscription is cancelled.

Thanks for clarifying. . .

@hmmmhaa3 you’re welcome :wink:

@floripaolo please let us know if there will be any other questions about our products, that have not been covered by my colleagues in parallel threads, that I can help with.


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Hello @Serg

I am still waiting for an answer from @Ecaterina regarding the workflow error during a payment, which lead to charging the user without any registration of this action by Bubble.


Hi @floripaolo, thanks for reply.
My colleague @Ecaterina provided the required answers in the mentioned thread, hope they will help your app.

If there will be any other questions that we can help with, let us know :wink:
Have a nice vacation ahead!


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Hi @floripaolo, here is a reply to one of the earlier discussed questions.

We’ve encountered the same issue (no workable keys generated), created and sent a bug report and so far await a reply from apilayer.com support team. Regretfully, so far they didn’t provide details on possible cause.
Once any news in this regard will become available, I will let you know asap.

Thank you for understanding.