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Problem with Bubble Page to PDF converter

Hi !
I’m using the Bubble Page to PDF converter for a resume builder app.
My problem is for repeating group, within them I have experiences description for instance, that come from multiline input.
On desktop I have no problem, but on mobile when I convert and download it into a PDF, it’s cutting the text. (see screenshot)

Its not making it every time, depends if their is more than 2 lines. Do you know how to solve this bug ?



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Hello, @louislemercierpro. Thanks for reaching out.

First of all, I’d like to advise you to check the responsive settings of this page. There is probably the lack of space in text container within the repeating group, you are converting.

Can you please try to change the size of text elements, in which you have more than 2 lines of the text, to make it a bit wider? It can solve your issue.

I’d like to ask you to provide more details on your issue, like screenshots of the repeating group (editor and desktop preview), the whole page with the repeating group (to see the elements tree and respecting elements. It can help to understand the issue.

Also, it will be useful for you to check the plugin documentation, especially the “example of application section”, where the usage of repeating group is described. There you can see the test demo page, compare your repeating group/plugin settings and make sure you’ve done your setup correctly. Please take a look:

Hope it helps :pray:

Thank you for you quick reply @kate !

I tried to make it a bit wider, it works a little bit more but will depends of the lenghts of the text inside. For instance, if a user make a long sentence, then it wont work.

I made a page to show you more precisely the issue. Here are some screenshots.

The weird thing is that I dont have this issue on desktop, even if a make the window very small like a phone. The problem only occure on a phone with text coming from a multinline input inside a repeating group.

In fact I also tried with a simple text element with multiple sentence inside and I also have this bug, so it’s not coming from repeating group or multine input text

Okay, understood. Let me check please. I will get back to you asap :pray:

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

In our demo page, there are few text elements with the multiple sentences inside and they are converted into PDF without an issue. Please check out their settings and compare with yours:

I presume our workable demo page as an example of settings. Would you kindly check and compare your settings with the plugin demo page?

Hope it helps :pray:

Well it’s working on desktop, but when I’m downloading it from an iphone X on chrome (or safari), I get the same bug (screenshot) :confused:

@louislemercierpro, ok, got it.

I’ve succeeded to reproduce the issue you’ve faced on iPhone 11 too. Our team will investigate the root cause of this issue and fix it asap. It might take some time, thus I have to ask you for some patience. Once the issue will be resolved - I let you know.

Apologies for the inconvenience :pray:

Thanks for your answer, good luck for the dev team!
Hope to hear good news from you soon as it’s a crucial part of my app :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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I have seen this issue consistently with Safari - previously reported but not been able to fix. On the same computer, Chrome has no problem. Hope this can be fixed!

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@louislemercierpro, @kenl, friends,

First of all, thank you for your patience :pray:

Second of all, we have made the update for the Page to PDF plugin with the fix, that resolves a few issues and the text bonding on iOS devices (Chrome/Safari) especially.

Would you kindly update your plugin to the latest version, check out the fixes, and notify me if the problems you were facing are resolved now?

NB! Please note, that if you are using the Page to PDF plugin on iOS (mob) devices, do not use line break (ENTER). We added a Note to the plugin, that for a large number of paragraphs you need to use BBCode.

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for trying @louislemercierpro Unfortunately the issue persists. The current version available on Bubble is 1.26.0 - presume that is what you mean by the fix. Screenshot_10_06_2020__19_03


Please make sure that you are not using line breaks (enter) within your text element, but you are separating your paragraphs with the BBCode.


When this happens, it’s either a repeating group or a concatenated block of text - where fields are strung together and line breaks are needed (like in an address text). Works fine on chrome and on windows machines.

Hello, @kenl. Apologies for such a delay in reply :pray:

I have tested your issue with the repeating groups and the only thing I can suggest you in this situation is to use the regular group element .

The repeating group content, after conversion, “expands” the whole content of the data table, used as a source of repeating group cell. And, as a result, creates a mess on the page and concatenates the text.

I have tried a few options on how to avoid such text concatenation with the repeating group content. If you need to display on the page only one specific row of the repeating group - it is better to use the regular group element for this case:

The converted content of this group won’t concatenate.
Please check the test page I’ve created and the video record:


I hope this helps.

Thanks for looking into it @kate. Unfortunately it does not appear to be that simple. First, it only happens on Safari. Second, it happens on both RG and G elements - we have both on the page and both get chewed up equally, but ONLY in Safari.


Understood, thank you. Can you please also add the error screenshots from the Safari console? Also, the video record of the reproducing your issue via Safari + console will be highly appreciated. This info will help us to investigate the issue you’ve described faster.


Here it is


There is nothing to show on video - simply the PDF generated contains chewed up text - like this:



As I can see, the errors in the console are not caused by our plugin. Plus, we’ve tested on Safari the conversion of G and RG into the PDF file - there are no concatenated lines. We can not reproduce your issue, unfortunately, the plugin works well on our side.

Once more I need to ask you to make sure that you’ve added the [left][/left] tags to your text inside the G and RG

Here is the group element with the text:

And the repeating group with the text:

Please check carefully the settings of your app. You can also add our support@zeroqode.com email as a collaborator of your app, create the test page for us where we can view and test the issue (please grand the edit rights).