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🗺 Mapbox Maps - Total revamp of one of the most popular Bubble plugins from Zeroqode

Hello, Zeroqoders! :grinning:

We are so excited to announce that we have released an updated version of our Mapbox Maps plugin that we have been working on so much. :tada:


We have tried to include the maximum number of requested features. So, here they are:

  • adding draggable markers;

  • an ability to measure distances;

  • the full screen map view;

  • geocoder inside and outside the map;

  • an ability to place the geocoder input outside the map;

  • animate a point on the route, a camera on the way, and much more;

  • an ability to draw a polygon and calculate its area;

  • enable and disable map rotation;

  • an ability to display a popup on hover;

  • an ability to filter features within map view;

  • adding the video;

  • adding 3D terrain to a map;

  • accepting coordinates as input to a geocoder;

  • an ability to change a map’s language;

  • an ability to change the case of labels

Go ahead and try it out on our new Live Demo: https://zeroqode-demo-08.bubbleapps.io/mapbox-map


Hope you’ll like it :wink: If you have any questions or suggestions - we are always here to help you out!

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Hey! Hope you are well!

Just hoping i could ask like 3 lil questions.

Any polygons created on map, is there a state to pass the polygon lat/long (or geojson?)

Is there a way to limit amount polygons that can be created? (example max 2 polygons, in the one session)

Lastly, is there an action to check if a location pin (lat/lon) is within a polygon?


Hi @haydos99, thanks for your questions.
Allow me to check them internally with the developer team, and come with a reply asap.
Thank you for understanding.

Hi @haydos99, thanks for your patience.

Unfortunately, the current plugin functionality doesn’t provide such options. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will check how feasible it will be to add the requested features to the future plugin update, thank you for suggesting it.

Please let me know I can help with any other plugin-related questions.

Thank you for upgrading the plugin. However I’m having trouble with the Default Map Position.

I have been using version 1.29.0 of your plugin, which has successfully loaded my custom Mapbox style, with the Center of the map at the Default Map Position as specified in Mapbox Studio.

Once I try upgrading the plugin to 1.30.0 or anything newer, the map loads with the Center at (0,0) off the coast of Africa rather than where my map features are.

Am I doing something wrong? With the upgraded plugin, how do I set the map to center on the Default Map Position as specified in Mapbox?

Thank you Zeroqode

I am having a second issue – I can’t get Mapbox elements to vertically resize in order to be vertically responsive. I’m using the Zeroqode plugin Move or Resize Elements but it is not working for Mapbox elements. It works for other elements, so I think the problem is with the Mapbox plugin.

I posted my issue with screencast here

Hi @gar34, thanks for your messages.

Please use the corresponding action, and indicate required coordinates (47\28 only as example):

Please let us know if it works as required or any other support is required.

In a short time, I will reply to it in the indicated thread (upd: replied on 06.09.21).

Hi @haydos99, thanks for your patience.
We have pushed a plugin update, that has added the required features (limit the number of polygons, check if location pin is within polygon).

To check changes, please upgrade your plugin to the latest version (Version 1.35.0: added new functions related to the polygon drawing tool) and give it a try.

See the examples:


Please let me know if we can help with anything else related to our plugin.

Hello Zeroqoders :hugs:

We pretty often have met the question: “How to track third party users movement through our insert a name plugin

So, we would like to share a simple setup, which makes it realizable through the Mapbox plugin.
Please note that to implement it, besides the Mapbox plugin, we’ve used the “Ultimate Toolkit” free plugin, namely the For Each element.

See the following screenshots for setup guidance:

  1. Create a data type

  2. Please the For Each element on page (and Mapbox element ofc).

  3. Setup the workflows:


Hope the provided description will help you with implementation of your ideas!